Day 675 – psychiatry relations

Paradigm-shift or zeitgeist is pulling us,  or – we are pulling it. No matter how we turn it – things are gradually changing within how this world is run. We are going to change in money and finances, in environmental issues, energy,  and in education, how we do our work,  in what we eat, to connect and communicate, and so on. We have a very, very different view of earth and life now; than before the internet. Internet is like the mind of this earth. Our/its global mind. And then we need to learn to read this mind from form knowing and forgiving our very  own mind with its levels and our history.


So there is change and things are developing  for a better or utopia tomorrow. How is it that psychiatry is changing today? What is the elements of mental health doing today ? There are several areas to look into, I would be glad to debate them with you. One of the most fundamental and devastating is that awareness of lack of mental health care in for instance China, Indonesia, Algeria and most of Africa and India.  These are a few of these countries I have investigated for mental health care service or lack of so. There is often poverty, and religions and traditions of ignorance, separation and  shame from having a family member with a illness. That leads to  torture/death as a outcome for many people that have a mental illness that don’t live in US, Scandinavia, UK or Australia and so on. Still in the western part there are made great pushes for further change. To throw out ECT for one thing. That treatment have been with us long enough. I am 100 % clear on that ECT is not a cool solutions. There are other solutions that are better.


More and more we see the words :recovery, gym, work out, back on track, community, work,  belonging, open dialogue, detoxify, family, empowerment, and survival. But we also see words like porn, drug addictions,  euthanasia, suicide, prison, and billions spent on chemical “therapy”.

So there is definitely challenges for the future of mental health care. Wherever you are in this world.

I used to be a patient and a multiple addict. Hearing voices, drinking,  and living in constant anxiety. I have been diagnosed with schizo – affective since 2003 till today. I recon I was born with it. Mental health is today more open out there, and not that much a taboo. Things like ECT make it a deep (!!) taboo still. Shame, calculated believes and inequality still push a lot of the old taboo in psychiatry in the western world. There are things being done though and we are making effect for the better. Like the Extended Therapy Room in Goteborg, Sweden,  or the Open Dialogue from Seikkula inn  Finland, Hearing Voices Network, Mad In America movement, Fountain House Foundation, Camphill Movement,  and grass root changes, people with user experiences taking stage and being genuine leaders, and lots of other smaller, and greater projects that matter, that are pulling the weight, but that is not that much noticed by media.

I have been committed to hospital for approximately 100 times . I was a addicted to that nurturing/hotel of psychiatry. It kept me alive. I am not afraid to tell this to children or strangers. It is a open and clear part of me. I don’t want to face lost of tripping wires about my past. I want it to be forgiven. From myself.  To me psychiatry is a rescuing boat and at the same time I have lost many friends, and cried many tears with this on my mind. I would so much like to give something in return, from what I know is working; to those people that are in psychiatry today.


So we still have ways to go to understand schizophrenia, autism,  ADHD, depression and so on. Also the point of pain of poverty, why is it that people in psychiatry must be poor ? From where is that logic ? Why should I have less than other people ? Closing the inequality gap is of great importance to psychiatry, and humanity,  because then, if everyone had plenty of money, equal. We would weed out sooooooooo much fear and hate. It is hard to grasp. A total utopia is then (!) within our reach… no joke !


So we still need  to inform ourselves about mental health, we all have hard times in our lives. Now and then we face things that are difficult and seemingly touch and painful. But we can get through it. I dare you to write to me if you have this one thing that really bothers you or pain within – contact me and we can talk.

That is some of the essence and beauty of this. To use this awesome web to connect and communicate.  Psychiatry might not be everyone first choice, or topic they would like to talk about, still it is a driving factor and a vital and most alive part of this world. Like it was with the old masters of art and painting  etc… it still is today. More now with autism and recovery perhaps. Which is enjoyable to withness.


We have this one life, this one chance, if we chose to hide and suppress  (!) things within over the years, you will on your dying day regret it and not know the consequences for doing just that. It is all up to ourselves.

We are the living creators of this world. Enough pain and separation. Lets unite and talk and create further solutions and cherish and support what solutions is already here! Let’s talk !




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