Day 661 – Schizophrenia and weed addiction

How to deal with the old drug addiction… if thoughts and desires come sneaking ?

Let’s look closer at a mind construct from my weed addiction:

“Weed addiction”

–>I want to get high

–>I want to be stone

–>I want to be carefree

“I want to get high”, how can I live this without weed ? I want to feel physical pleasure and well being. I want to give my body hikes (walks), swimming. I want to give my body workout and massages, masturbation, coz, lotions and care. Good clothing. To stay warm, that way I get my “high” from life and living.

“I want to be stone”, how can I live this without weed ? I want to be stone because then I do not have any thoughts. I don’t have mind. So… I stop my mind and I end my thoughts. Delete my old thoughts from emerging. And I stop my mind from ruling over me. I can live like a stone without drugs. I can be thought free, and without slaving to mind. How do we win the game (?) By stop participating in it.

“I want to be carefree”, how can I live this without weed ? By helping creating a better world. By helping making this world into something more genuinely better for all of us. Creating a world that is supportive to all. Making this world into a place without suffering.


By living these solutions every day. I am beating my addiction. I am ending the addiction game, by not participating in it’s desires.

To learn more on mind constructs, investigate :

Also check out this interview on weed:



Enjoy your breathing & computing


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2 thoughts on “Day 661 – Schizophrenia and weed addiction”

  1. I commend you on your commitment to abstaining from your weed addiction and substituting it for healthier behaviours. You sound like you are on a very positive path. I too am in recovery from cocaine addiction and alcoholism I was using 22 hours a day until I was forced into treatment by my family at the beginning of 2005. I was killing myself with cocaine and bulimia but the rehab worked. Although I had no intention of getting clean when I went in there, the feedback I got from my peers in treatment made me see I had a serious problem and I have not picked up alcohol or drugs since then. Now all my addictions and mental health problems are in recovery and I am happier than I have ever been.

    1. thanks for your comment Caroline. it is dear to me, and it proves that we are many out there sorting our shit out. living with these experiences. we have important stories to share. lets keep walking & sharing our insights. don’t be a stranger : thanks !

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