Day 655 – help me so I can help you/ parenting mental illness

Teaching of psychology and unlearning the bothers of mental issues.

All and everyone of adults face from time to time mental hard times. Either we are depressed or stressed, or we get angry, or experiencing difficult thoughts or seeing things and hallucinating or we feel left out or we get addicted… anything of this will sooner or later strike all of us. Even if your name is Sylvester Stallone, or Samantha Fox or what ever… or if you are a top athlete and sports. We all face mental hard times from time to time, sooner or later.


We are not thought a lot of psychology in schools. Not at all. I like to look at the issue this way: we have psychiatry because we have psychology. We should learn our children words and tools to work with psychology so that they are better prepared to face psychological issues later on. Because let’s face it: they will need the buffer, or skills, sooner or later in growing up, being young, and being adults.

Govern – ment (govern mind) is not to keen on having psychology in schools. Not so far. Since this is the case we should find solutions to this our self, and become responsible and teach our children about what they might face growing up.


I will let you inn on a little secret: Parents have the most important job of all work. Parents shape and direct and help or affect their children. So parents need to learn some basic psychological skills to be able to teach their children well. So first parents will learn to work on self and learn some methods, and then later they can apply this to their children. It is a win, win. First the parent (adult) learn some, and then later teach this gradually to their children.


It is absolute time to investigate what we could learn to our self and also later our children. We deserve it and so does our children. Let’s give our children the best and most precious tools to work with – they deserve it. Lets start googeling self help programs. Here is a cool link to start with, of self help programs :


link to the picture:


Have a nice day


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