Day 647 – Schizophrenia a neurobiological disorder ?

I would deeply and sincerely recommend for anyone reading this post to purchase this product, the first link, where the interdimentional portal is explaining schizophrenia:

– it is worth listen to a couple of times.


That being said, back to the question. Is schizophrenia (and mental disorders in general) neurobiological disorders ? I would have to say, “sure, I can accept that theory”. “I can agree on that”. Picture this open dialogue – between patients, activist, scientist and doctors :

Patients and activist: “We struggle to trust doctors and science – ever since all the abuse and trauma done in the name of science/doctors”

Doctors/science “It is ok. We want peace, and healing, consider the call for neurobiological disorder a peace treaty and a sign of reconciling and cooperation – all cards are out”

Patients and activist: “So we can cooperate on treatment and therapy ?”

Doctors/science: “Yes, chemical therapy is very mush placebo anyhow”


…and so on.

It is all about cooperating. That is what we need in psychiatry: COOPERATION, from all sides.

are you ready for it ?

check out the links and have a nice day



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