Day 645 – Living the word “relax”


Living words. “Word” is very much like “world” – in this world/word we are driven by words to do things, either in honesty or in ego, it is almost always something driving us – we are living words. To be aware of this and to take self direction of this is my chore. We must take on words that we can proudly carry in openes and to live these words in sincerity and inn virtue. It must be understood that if you live a “bad” word a word with negative polarity with it, you are then also creating negativity around you. At the same time, to be aware of how polarity work. If I give into my polarity “love” – I give in these energies to my positive polarity, failing to see how the energies also feed the down side of the pole, the fear. I give into my polarity construct “positive energies” failing to see the down side of the polarity which is – fear.

Polarity design:


Living word:


When I hear this word relax – I imagine myself laying down and not doing anything, just breathing. I am not doing anything in particular. When I relax I am centering and grounding myself with and as myself by breathe and my physical.

Lets look at the dictionary definition:

make or become less tense or anxious.

“Cicely relaxed her hold”

  • straighten or partially uncurl (hair) using a chemical product

make (a rule or restriction) less strict.

“the ministry relaxed some of the restrictions”



relax (v.)

late 14c., “to make (something) less compact or dense,” from Old French relaschier “set free; soften; reduce” (14c.), from Latin relaxare “relax, loosen, open, stretch out, widen again; make loose,” from re- “back” (see re-) + laxare “loosen,” from laxus “loose” (see lax). Of persons, “to become less formal,” from 1837. Meaning “decrease tension” is from early 15c.; intransitive sense of “to become less tense” is recorded from 1935. Related: Relaxed; relaxing.



Sounding of the word:

real – axa (axa is a food company)

real – axe (the real axe)

re – lex (a lexus one more time)

re – leks (new home work, the norwegian word “lekser” means home work)

re – laks (one more time salom, laks means salmon in norwegian)

re – lax – to let go of anxiety again


Polarity of word:

Of the negative polarity experience of this word, I would think that I have to stop what I am doing and sort of change my activity. I would have to slow down or stop what I doing and do something else.

Of the positive polarity I would think that when I relax I let go of tension and anxiety. I would simply breathe into healing from angst.


Creative writing:

When I relax it is obvious I do something from a starting point of having done it before and am doing it over again. To re – something do it again on repeat. So I would think I would know what this is about. But do we really know how to let go of anxiety ? Is it as easy as it sounds ?

To re – charge ones batteries sort of and to let go of anxiety. When I relax I am listening to the body and checking it for possible damage or energy movements. In the deepest form it would be to go back to being embryo in my mothers belly to live that point and to picture myself as a embryo and at the start of my life, to re – live myself again to re – lax and feel comfort.


New definition:

Relax : is to get in contact with physical self and to update on ones status of body; to let go of anxiety.






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