Day 644 – with the flip of a coin

A point opened up to me after having listened to this interview:

I feel less bound. I feel more “free” to explore things and a need to prove trust with myself further. I feel less bound to one thing at the time. I feel free to explore different dimensions and points at the time. My mind is working together with me to create my business and my future. I am walking living words. Living words is exactly that. Living words:

It is like I dare to take chances, and that something I was not taught at school, to take risk. With every movement there is risk involved. We need to make risks – and not to fear risk. Risk makes things happen. It makes changes. We should teach about risk at schools.


I am stopping thoughts/separation by training my mind to work with me and to work with what I tell it. If a thing is doable and you really want it done, your mind goes to work to make it happen. Your mind start working for you. If you can deal with it.

Reversing the old slaving to energies to mind. I am reversing it. Instead of being mind slave I am making mind my …. worker. Like my own robot of metaphysic. lol

But this takes work. And no one have ever done this at this level that I am doing here. It is sort of test it as you go along.

It takes a lot of work. And you have to be 100% free from emotional slaving. The energies of feeling and emotions will bring you to slave to mind if you go into them. The old polarity game. It will enslave you to mind. It is how we are programmed, and taught to live. Fake, separation, thought and not of life.

To learn to live again and to de – program yourself investigate :


Have the nice day



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