Day 637 – Stigmatization over mental health

There is lots of stigmatization over mental health. How does stigmatization affect us ? How does stigmatization work ? What can we do to avoid stigmatization ?

Also check out my blog from the day before, here

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2 thoughts on “Day 637 – Stigmatization over mental health”

  1. I have suffered from mental illness and thinking about volunteering in this field as I am aware of this stigmatization and want to educate people more about mental health issues. It can happen to anybody.

    1. Hi : “Internalbasis”
      If you live inn a western country (you have internet & pc so I guess you do) I am sure you can find usage for your voluntarism. There are lots of movements and organisations to gett in contact with. Or to sign up to the local hospital as a visitor/friend to patients. Do you write about this in a blog? We could share facebook if you like ? Mine is Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem – or email – lets create solutions. cheers –

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