Day 632 – Suicides in psychiatry

Why do we have so many suicides in psychiatry?

What can we do in society to prevent it from happening?

How do we deal with it ?


To understand why there is so many suicides in psychiatry, we must understand what difficulties psychiatry and psychological suffering really is. Psychological suffering is a lot of friction, conflict, pain, confusion, paranoia with ones experience of being and drama of mind. Often from memories and trauma. Be it voices or internal conversations or just noise/thoughts. Sounds and pain from anxiety and paranoia. Friction and conflict that cause pain directly in the body. The whole body. Not just the head and mind. The head is just the control center, the alter ego/self, if you like, but most of all a simple control center. The head is to “rule ” the body. The mind is different. But the physiological pain and friction and noise that one experienced metaphysically, from memories and traumas, in oneness body during mental suffering, can take place anywhere – inn the body and you will simply experience it in the head and inn mind consciousness system, as drama, from that specific place/memory of occurrence, be it shoulders, knees, back, hands, chest, etc.. of the body that is reporting errors. Body/system failure, friction or paranoia and so on, from that place in the body that is malfunctioning and in separation from being sane or at ease.

Psychological pain of oneness body that is experienced inn the head and inn the mind, can be typically, memories and trauma from ones past, where one is having noise, friction, pain and confusion, and suffering, within experiencing that memory and trauma over and over again in oneness head/mind from that specific place in oneness body.

One more time. Psychological suffering can come from anywhere in the body. It can typically be a memory locked in the knee. Or in back or in the arms etc. The suffering, pain, conflict and friction comes when that specifically memory is not dealt with properly, it becomes tense, and reaction is born, it needs to be forgiven and embraced in detail.


So pain, physical pain and a lot of friction, conflict, disturbances and confusion, fear , paranoia, and so on is very frequent with a suffering mind/person. So suicide is often a easy solution to this. Plain and simple. Hurtful and sad but a clear solution to oneness suffering.


Mental suffering comes from friction, pain, conflict, confusion, anxiety, paranoia within a memory or a trauma within oneness body. It can be in the arms, in the feet or in the shoulders etc. At the place where a memory is stored. Somewhere in the body, this misery is noticed by brain and mind, and brain is asked to fix it. Brain experiences then the anxiety, friction and suffering from that place in the body. To think it is the brain that is sick is simply wrong. The mind might be wrong in its design, but that again is the mind, not the brain. The common faith in western world medication of pushing chemical therapy is successful because of placebo. You think it will cure you so it cures you – or at least helps on suffering.

So again why do we have so many suicides in psychiatry? Because of all the pain, and need to relief from pain. Pain from memories and trauma. Being a mental patient can be extremely confusing stressful, fearful, and filled with bad emotions and turmoil’s. It is not a joke and it is not a fun ride. I can understand very well the people who choose suicide. I am not a shamed over saying that euthanasia should be a option to people who have no progress and little chance of improvement. Euthanasia is a solution, in the worse cases. Keeping people alive against their will can be simple torture.



I am not a fan of suicide and I do think there is a chance of improvement for all beings no matter how dark it may seem. But it is up to the individual itself to want this. To want to live. Self forgiveness can be a life – long process.  Anyone can walk with self forgiveness it is the best method to use. To develop self communication, but you have to walk it yourself.

So we have suicides in psychiatry because of mental suffering. And physical pain. It is all locked into addictions, trauma, memories and friction, personalities, conflicts and internal war and paranoia. Sooner or later we face our self and our thoughts. It is eventually – after death, it is all our thoughts that will judge us. We will be judged by our thoughts from this life, if it is not forgiven. I suggest to learn to stop thinking, not from drinking or drugging but with self honesty, without fearing thoughts and with self communication and self forgiveness. The best cure in town.


What can we do in society to prevent suicide from happening or at least deal with it ?

First of all we need to recognize how memories are stored in the body. This can be taught. It is up to the individual to want it. It is not just the brain that is sick, it is the whole body from memories. This awareness is important to learn in life to be able to be self honest and to be responsible with self.

Second of all we need a new level of trust to be added to psychiatry. I have been a swing door patient for 10 years in psychiatry. Any doctor (there have been many) have hardly ever touched in on my old trauma from being a young boy. Hardly ever. I had to break with psychiatry to work on it. To see it. To deal with my trauma. So we need a new level of trust in psychiatry. That trust can come with the awareness of oneness physical and ones awareness of how memories are stored in the body. This we know – specific and accurate. If you wonder how this work – please contact me or investigate:


Open dialogue changed my life, open dialogue meetings work and are improving mental health with every meeting. Open dialog works – lets use it.

Also people with user experience must be allowed into the patients program and schedules. The so called environment of the patient. Here we must be flexible and think again over what chances and opportunities we have.

Like I said it is all stored in the body. Physical work out and exercise is important. Yoga and massages, of self and others, is a must. To have a hobby is also very vital, like drawing, painting or knitting. Something to distract the thoughts. Thoughts is really self sabotage. Thoughts and thinking is separation from self and it is a tinny, tinny, tinny, destruction of self. You can learn the design of thoughts; here. Don’t fear thoughts, but learn what it really is.

So how can we as society handle suicides ? I would suggest to allow euthanasia to people who want it, people who have no recovery or will or progress at all. Secondly to those that want to live, I would say we need to change psychiatry in its totality into a more holistic direction. We need more knitting, painting and physical activity. More swimming, hiking and self forgiveness. More acting out, role plays and social happenings, performance and playing. More writing (!) and sharing ones story. Like, Ida Storm – from Norway, who documented here experiences with psychosis and psychiatry, with a video camera. And then later it is a documentary film. Like I do write this blog about my life. Sharing on youtube and on soundcloud – my life. More sharing ones honest story and perspectives to the public awareness. Exposing and sharing truth. Getting the experience and solutions out there.


How do we deal with how we have suicide in society ?

It is simply sad, and should be prevented. Dare to be a friend and a talking partner. Don’t wait for that conversation, take action and make it happen. We all face difficulties in our lifetime within our mental health. It is time we share with our children the thing we know of psychology – to give them a buffer – prevention against psychological suffering and drama. We can do better. None of us can save the world alone, but if we all do our share we can have a soooo much better life here on this earth. We need to start investigating what is here. In honesty.

Open dialogue, group sessions, works (!!) lets use this Finish model. Lets include more people with user experience directly in psychiatry and give real therapy, like art, crafts and activities.



Psychiatry still have ways to go to become more holistic oriented. Lets walk it together. Please contact me for questions, coffee and talks. You can simply drop me a comment. Have the nice day.




2 thoughts on “Day 632 – Suicides in psychiatry”

  1. Suicided will never ever end, until the devil and all mental conditions are eradicated. And when all have equally healthy bodies. Until then, the dimensions have no business interfering in suicides.

    1. You are very right mzew233 – until we stop the mind and its energies and thoughts – this madness/suicide will go on. Until we stop. Thank you for reminding me.

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