Day 631 – Recovery is always outside the hospital


truthand lies

Every recovery story, that I hear is always taking place after having separated oneself, from psychiatry/hospital/doctors. Almost every single story I hear of with recovery, is rooted in the process of removing oneself from hospital care, or activity and often despite the doctors and breaking the contact with hospitals.

It is very similar with cancer treatment. Chemical therapy is designed to keep the cancer patient paying endless of money for the treatment, while the chemicals are killing the body. A huge industry and a similar concept to psychiatry and chemical therapy.

Almost each and every story I hear of about success and “butterfly effect” from psychiatry is happening after or later having broken with hospitals.

I have spent 10 year as a swing door patient. Hospitals and doctors did not help me with sorting out my past. My emotional and traumatic childhood  was hardly topic at all. It was left like cinder in the dark. What they focused on was my drugs (weed and hasjis) and my alcohol consume. My medications to myself. I repeat; the doctors I saw did not help me with my old trauma. I had to start working on them myself later after breaking with hospitals. The doctors could hardly gain my trust, which is essential in any relationship.

Psychiatry have been 100- 150 years of abuse. Plain and simple. Time we change it as we go on creating new care systems based on honest and common sense values and virtues. Lets talk and please contact me if you like, (leave a comment)  on how we can create a better psychiatry and then also a better world.

The user experience must be direct involved in the daily therapy of patients. Nurses and doctors have not been through my kind of shit. “My kind of shit” is traumatic and emotionally very challenging. But now I can stand up and tell others, young, patients, adults, about my story and how I managed to change. My story holds a value.

Don’t get me wrong; If you experience psychosis or drama in your life, please seek help if you need it. The hospitals is still there. I would also not fear to take chemical therapy for a period of time. Hospitals saved my life, many times.  But it did not help me recover, it was blindly serving me its hope.  It is what it is and it might help you simply survive and some what, manage life. But the recovery is not that easy and must be walked as yourself in honesty and with gaining responsibility for your life. Also your past here is very important.


So how do we really recover, from endless years of psychiatry and suffering ? It is a personal, honest and it can be a long process. Gaining self confidence from taking back responsibility. Forgiving and embracing self and past. Being honest and to learn that  honesty is; the raw and uncut, picture of  reality. Where self – honesty again, is to take action and stand to fix it. This is not easy and it takes time and esoteric skills to learn and see.

Recovery is not done over night, but be clear or your goals, (have a 5 year plan)  and walk small steps everyday in that same direction, have part time goals as well,  and you will experience empowerment and improvement.

A smart man once said:

“Do a job, that is easy, like it is hard, that way what is hard will in its turn become easy”

The best deal I could give you, ever, is to check out even if you are not mentally suffering it can still be a very cool solution, and a good place to build yourself and your potential. Don’t miss your chance to work on self forgiveness – you are way too precious for that. Give yourself the best gift of self –> for – give – ness & have a nice day.



What is Self-forgiveness?
It is the process by which an individual forgives oneself for accepting and allowing self to separate from objective reality, releasing positive and negative value judgments such as good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative – as subjective interpretations of reality regarding something or someone that leads to stability as breath.

– June Roca



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