Day 626 – What I learned from my experience of having low blood sugar


From Facebook Saturday, 28.11.215

“Today I felt low blood sugar, it fell deep within me. I was really dizzy, down in the center of Vikeså. I was lucky to catch a ride both up and down from the store from my apartment Vikesdalslia 43B. A chocolate at the store helped me. Thanks a bunch dear brothers in law for the ride – I am better now with a sugary ginger – ale.”


I felt dizzy and disorientated from low blood sugar. I quickly bough a snack and brought myself back up again, but what does this teach me in life ?


I realize how fragile I am when one system function goes off and out. I realize that my body system is screaming out error and bad and wrong out into my brain making me dizzy and confused. That one thing of blood sugar takes all my attention and all my awareness into itself from experiencing this low feeling within.


So I started to think of how we tend to follow people from how they are bullies. From errors. The wrong becomes the right.  In school or in society. It stretches through the world all over. From school we admire or fear people that are bullies, we fear or admire or respect people that are very rich thinking they earned it. Profit simply means that someone else looses. One part wins and one part looses. The essence of profit. And we stand as protection through participating in society/mind with thoughts, feeling and emotions, within our very minds. We participate in society with thoughts feeling and emotions to mind we feed the mind its energies and we end up slaving to it. Same way we protect the old system by serving the mind its energies and slaving to the system of mind. We accept the abuse in this world and the inequality that we see from not objecting to it in any way particular.


So same as my attention is drawn to my sugar level, all our votes and awareness is drawn into accepting and liking the current world state. Like we grow into accepting mafia in this world. There is no one on the local supermarket objecting mafia from Italia on how they make millions of refugee crisis. No one. It is just a typical example of what we accept and allow in real time. From within accepting and allowing to serve the mind its energies plus and minus, to mind that leads us to slaving to matrix on repeat. Time to break the cycle.


also from facebook the same day :

“choosing side in 2nd – ww is a relative thing (today). considering we have all be schooooled to follow the worst bully. the badest bullied at school where : followed above all…..and really praised somehow. from parenting/manipulating/schooling/bullying/programming we gradually learn that the worst guys always get away with war/corruption/greed/lies…. crime pays… look at 2008 finance crisis. the very, very, very, very richest among us, got alooot richer… and you & me got to pay for the party…. who to follow ? check out: – if you have the balls”




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