Day 625 – Self honesty and process


Know this: everything has a particular design. All words have particular design. Figuring out what is self honesty can be both complicated and stressful.


Figuring out the details of what particular design self honesty is carrying can be quite complicated. To my awareness self honesty is helping me stay sharp, on point and it make my being also less noisy. What does this mean ? It means that self honesty per design is a type of tool that can be both frightening and sharp. It means that when I carry self honesty my time is more with ease. There is less noise in my head. Self honesty is one of the most perfected designs and medications, there is because self honesty does not allow any abuse. When you are 100 % honest you would not abuse. This is one of the very most important corner stone’s of holism and rules, like the golden rule.


When you hold a self honest perspective you will not do abuse. What is this world coming to ? Where are we going ? I can say for sure, that we are all going to stop. Inevitable we are going to become self responsible and self honest with our self. Eventually. This world need to stop. Stop the separation of thoughts and mind. Thoughts are separation of self. Thoughts and thinking is self sabotage. On a micro scale. So within so without. What I carry within myself is also reflects without of myself.

I realizes something important within writing this and that is to be consistent. Consistent within my process. Consistency of path and directive principle. Directive principle is interesting. It is like self communication. Talk to self. We humans talk a lot. And lots of it is simply blabbering, nonsense and worse…. hurtful, gossip etc.. I commit myself to only speak when I have something valid to say. When there is commonsense to what I am saying. What is supportive. I commit myself to not speak when there is nothing supportive or common sensible to talk about.

Self honesty is the perfect drug. Learn it by heart. Seek and you will find.

check out this video:


I commit myself to live in self honesty and in responsibility within all that I am.


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