Day 622 – 21 Days trial of ending blabbering. Day 8


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So I have been walking now on my day number 8 of stopping blabbering. I will not speak nonsense or words that need not to be spoken. We humans create with words, the words we use is creating our world around us. We use words to shape our reality.


During my 8 days so far I have discovered something cool though. I have learned to further appreciate my; self communication. Self communication is a precious thing. Ask any expert you want, self communication is gold. My first two or three days of walking, was more strict, not with limiting, but failing to see what new things I can say to myself. How to expand within self communication. Still I saw that there was things that I could ask myself to have myself answer some question from self to self.

More on “ask oneself” here:


Like “who I am according to…” something. Like the Paris terror. I would ask myself : who am I according to the Paris terror ? And I would answer in loud words to myself- clearing my point.


Or I would ask myself who I am according to the word “corruption”, or to the word “society” or “to drive my car”, “chocolate” etc… the list is long of what we can ask our self and by doing so clear our starting point. We humans are both our worst judges but we can also be our very best friends. From asking our self some investigating questions and answering them after, is real creative. So I dare you to start to develop self communication. Most of us would feel like there is something stopping us. There is like a wall between. It is not like we learned it in school…I would recommend a writing course and to learn self forgiveness. To forgive the past and correct self – which is also self communication.


So this far I have learned what value I find within self communication. And still what to say and what is not supportive or meaningful to say.


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