Day 620 – 21 days trial of ending blabbering – Day 2

21 days trial of ending blabbering

– Day 2

There is some mathematical coolness with numbers. Humans take 7 years to change all and every cell in the body. 3 times 7 is 21 – so a 21 day trial can be worthy of investigating either you are quitting porn, cigarettes or sugar. Stop a habit for 21 days and see what changes with you.

Starting 9th of November. I am doing a non blabbering walk for 21 days.

I am starting to walk a 21 day trial of not blabbering, not talking on things I do not practically need to talk about. I will not talk about things that are not needed to be talked. I started Monday the 9th of November to only open my mouth and talk if I needed to.

We humans talk lot and, a lot of it is simply blabbering. Non sense. But that also has consequences. Mind you that. A lot of what we talk is simply not supportive or needed for. So I am going to walk for 21 days to limit what I say to a minimum, of what is needed for, and not talk more than what I need.

If I need to talk I will talk it – it is just that I will not talk when it is not needed for. Seams simple ? I dare you to try. Change yourself. Because we seem to fail to see that point of creation that we create consequence with everything that we do. All that I do have consequences. All of it. So that means I should mind what I say. Right ? We are creators. Let’s walk.



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