Day 619 – Another one bites the dust…

Another one bites the dust…


Through my time I have lost lots quite allot of friends to a early death. This weekend I lost one more, and I ask myself how can there exist love when there is so much wrong and sad stuff in this world ? How have we come to allow such a load of bad stuff/war/suffering to exist with us on earth ? And most important of all: why do we seem unwilling to change ? We all know that change starts with self. There is no short cuts here, we change or we don’t, with and as the world and our physical.

There is lots of branches and structures that needs and change. Banking, money, democracy, education, health, communication, engineering, science, technologies and so on… there is lots to get involved in as of changing within the paradigm shift.

How do we physically change ? How to deal with past trauma and feeling bad for old mistakes ? How do we correct our self from self judging and emotional layering ? The answer to that is as easy as it is hard. We forgive our self. We are our own worst judges and it is time to reconcile and forgive our self.

The very last thing Jesus said hanging on the cross was: “Forgive them they know not what they do”. So we need in this world of multiple layers/players and multiple diagnosis’s and addictions and so on to: forgive our self. Self forgiveness. The very core and layering of our being. It is not done over night, but there is no way around it. For the energy knots and the bundles of emotions and varieties, of psychology that keeps us strained and enslaved to ego and thinking.

Thinking liberals will solve it, no wait socialism will solve it, no wait, anarchism will solve it, or religions will solve it. Always having that ego starting point of thought/thinking. Eventually it is what is best for all that will come through. You do the math. Always consider what is the genuinely best for all solutions.

Unless this energy and these memories/psychology is dealt with in honesty with forgiveness understanding and self correction of behavior and mannerism, that pattern of thought/personality/energy/psychology will simply continue to run over and over like a old record on repeat until it has consequences.

So I can ask myself how can there be love when there is war, rape, starving, suffering, sickness and so on (?) Eventually it is what we all create as human beings. What are you busy creating ? Do you know ? We are all creators on this earth.. are you creating more emotional layers to yourself ? Are you addicted to certain energies ? What are you creating out of this ? Are you living in old memories ? Living the sins of the fathers ?

Check it out : – it is free of charge, you can start today.




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