Day 618 – Because Jesus is in the mental hospital…


This world is in times of great change no doubt about it. It is the paradigm shift – creating heaven on earth. From archaism to holism. It is about to change dramatically. Take money and banking for instance. Within the very law of oneness, one being , togetherness – no one is worthy of more than the other. Let me repeat that. Within the very, very fundamental law of oneness: no one is worthy more that the other. No a penny. But still we see that some very, very few holds endless of trillions and unlimited bank authority within their powers. 80 % of the people of this world makes 2 dollars or less a day. That is a perspective. This awareness drives people insane. Let me clarify. The gap between rich and poor is driving people insane, direct and indirect, into psychosis, conflict, addictions, war etc. The imbalance of income/money, is creating friction and war like we see in the middle east. Now this war and this friction that we allow is about to come to a end. We are already standing knee deep in the tides of the paradigm shift ocean.

And this shift goes on not only within banking. Education and democracy, psychiatry, health, work, communication and so on. These are some other institutions or areas where we will see great change in times to come.

There is no turning back or giving up. We are walking this to the end. There is no other option. The metaphysical manifestation of heaven existence, is no longer there. We closed it. This life is the last life we have to make it right. Individually we have this one chance to make right what have been wrong. And we are destined to make it. Question is how many more must suffer before we can see some tangible change ?

If you kick the tables of the bankers like Jesus did in the temples, you are taking a risk.

Numerous of times I have met with people that genuinely want to do the good deed. Live like Jesus. I kid you not. Such brave souls end up living in mental hospitals. The society is so full of corruption and scam that there is no room left for those few that see what Jesus did by trying to live by his example.

One of the very key factors here is to understand and be able to explain to yourself in honest words; how the bank runs a scam. You must be able to understand how banks are simply a scam and corrupted. The more people that are able to explain this and to be aware of the banking scam the sooner we can see change.

If Jesus was born today, he would be locked into a mental hospital. No doubt about it. It is time we start expanding our horizon as of what this world could become eventually. It is time to learn/unlearn, write down, plan, design, develop and create new systems to outscore the old. Learn to know what this world can possible become for the best of all. How can we live and share all rescores equally? How is that possible? We need to open our eyes on what changes we would like to see with education, communication, money, health, democracy, food and so on. With life.

Remember this one word/world: Impossible = I am possible. Nothing is impossible. We are unlimited.

Have a nice day.


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2 thoughts on “Day 618 – Because Jesus is in the mental hospital…”

  1. Hi Tormod,

    I’d love to speak to you about some of your experiences. I’m very interested in the subject of schizophrenia in the context of our psychospiritual journey. Please contact me if you like.

    Best wishes,

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