Day 615 – I know & I don’t know

I can clearly remember saying “I know” – when my mother would tell me it is time to clean my room when I was young. Or saying “I don’t know” to the teacher in class when I think I could know the answer.

Saying “I know” to my mother is like turning her suggestion down in that moment. At the same time I say “I know”, I tell myself “yea right like I am going to clean my room” – serving resistance within my mind. So a new dimension is opening up to me.

Saying “I do not know”, is like letting the teacher know that I am not really interested in what is being said to me. I am not cooperating. “I don’t know” – “I don’t care”. A new dimension opens up.

Or if a friend asks me how this car/washing machine/computer etc. works, and if I would say “I don’t know”, I would simply not be interested in solving the issue/problem- at all. Careless.

So these words that are supposed to be like explaining a simple things of having or not having that type of knowledge, is then turned into almost like swearing, or acting in offense, defense and disapproval, almost like spite. Saying “I don’t know” is like acting  in defense or apathy or resistance.

Something that should have been easy going and simple turn into something new, a new dimension.

And that holds to me new prosperity and new opportunities to work on myself. And forgive myself, within the hidden layers of these words: “I know” & ” I don’t know”

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