Day 609 – Personality of observing people

Personality of observing people considering information

Within this derision of life and existence of this plane, there have been lots of hidden and secret element to discover amongst the ruling class, being humans and our understanding of words and life experience on this planet.

If a person would say to a doctor that his phone is bugged like 10 or 20 years ago, the person would be qualifying for as being mad, further drugged and hospitalized. People would freeze out the people that would present theories that would be disturbing to them. That would be outside the norm.

A old saying goes like this: “You can hurt me with truth, but do not comfort me with a lie”.

truthand lies

Well… truth is that very, very, very many of us is still sleeping by the different lies. We deny and suppress and hide within or selves, refuse to accept, and friction and war is the outcome. So within so without.

People that would say the phone is bugged some years ago, would be listed as mad and ass conspiracy and potentially dangerous people. Now, Mr. Snowed have proved to the people of this world that all phones on this planet. That is right ALL phones. Can be tapped any time of the day, from the NSA/USA.

When people share light on for instance theories like chemtrails and geo engineering they are often look at with dubious eyes. They are maybe forced into silence or violated or bullied. What we see today in the modern elite world when we have washing machines for both clothes and crockery, we experience that such theories of surveillance and of chemtrails is being accepted as truth or reality.

Remember that phrase, “You can hurt me it truth but do not comfort me with a lie”.


So how does all this play out like a character or a personality to me ?

A personality is like a pin needle or a battery, with positive and negative, feeling and emotions. controlled by the metaphysical thinking and experience of such. A pin needle that within my schizophrenic mind fights other personalities creating voices and friction within.

The positive part of this personality is experiencing that more and more people are seeing what was earlier conspiracy theory and then taken as reality and start working to change it. And negatively the despair and aggression of how some people deny it and suppress it comforting self with lies. So my personality is this experience of swinging between seeing how more and more people learn theories and hidden agendas and also how some deny it an suppress it and this is then my swinging pin needle of a personality. A sort of observer of humans and behaviors.

Now the personality is exposed. It swing between the notion of positive : seeing truth being taken for what horror it often is, and blowing dust of old evidence and theories and also negative with how many deny what is in front of their nose, and oppose this with hiding in mind/ego/thoughts/friction.

There is lots to be said of this matters and I would like to invite you to join me in this journey to life exploring these words and their meanings. We are all entwined with different programming and personality and mind constructs. It is all metaphysical/energies and it is all politics. So within, so without. Check out the links to really discovers self and to start your process of self investigation.

Consider this last sentence:

“There is no truth there is only denial of what is here”

Thank you

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