Day 608 – Personality of being reliant on social – ism.

Personality of being reliant on social – ism.

Conference of the Big Three at Yalta makes final plans for the defeat of Germany. Here the

Personalities. Plus and minus. Positive and negative. This chase for the positive have lead me, for many years to value socialism over any other political – ism. I have thought that socialism is simply only cool and to be social and to be friendly and that is mostly it. And I see that I have a full personality out of being reliant to socialism and to that left side manner of thinking we should share amongst us selves. Today I see that in the socialist states or almost communist states of Venezuela, North – Korea and Cuba. They have lots of issues and problems. Poverty is one of the largest.

There is nothing wrong with socialism. It is simply that point of not getting stuck in the – ism. And rather find the best for all solution that are out there. Because they are.

You can say I have walked a path of understanding this world system – to be able to change it. I have learned some of the creation behind capitalism and its finer thoughts and political idea of Milton Freeman and Ayan Rand. I see that within this thinking and ideas, that anarchism suits into the most perfected idea of self as to have no state/government at all. The liberal dream of no government. With anarchism it will become a reality. Meaning voluntarism and mutualism.


I realize that a personality have ups and downs and that I have been living with the ups or positive thinking socialism is a fair share and it is all being together and being a part of the team. And then realizing the negative. That it relies of a huge state and lots of taxing of income etc. Lots of bureaucracy. Then, like eureka playing out, I tell myself that we can have a good life without a government. There are ways to live without a government. Without a suppressive military/police etc. Living income guaranteed and equal money system are tools, to get to such a place. Because a better world is possible. By far.

I realize I have been living within a preprogrammed personality thinking that I can rely on socialism to solve my issues. And the world issues for that matter. I have thought about the word “left”, thinking : is there anything “left” for us taking over this earth ? I have though that on my left side is where I have my heart. My parents also thought me that socialism is to be prefer, and that right side is to fear. But most of all it was my own finding, being young. All along I failed to realize that we all have to look beyond programmed – ism and look beyond it to see the best solution that is possible to bring into life. It is hopeless to sit on one edge and claim all ownership of ones corner or -ism. That is simply not a cool solution and will end up in abuse. One have to be liberated from the – ism to see the best solutions. Such as direct democracy.

So here I am hereby liberating myself from the -ism(s) that I have held tightest in my life. Socialism. A smart man once said investigate all things – and keep only what is good. That is what I will live.

From my personality of feeling reliant to socialism this have been quite a process. To realize that we actually can live with a society based on voluntarism and mutualism. It is possible. It all boils down to how we parent our children. Teach non violence where ever you go. It is of outmost importance. In this world we have seen so much abuse and sickening crimes. It is time to heal the hurt and to cooperate with each other. I have held on to socialism as preferred – ism or many years. I think we all need to shake of some dust and old ideas, such as to once and for all: end the war on drugs. The war on drugs – we have all lost. Mexico have lost almost half a million people to the US led war on drugs. Enough is enough. This is one example. And I say one more time. Living income and equal money are tools to bring forth such a world of mutualism and voluntarism. I will not carry any crown of libertinism or anarchism or communism, unless it is the best for all solution to do so. And at this point it is not. I doubt that time will ever come when I need to wear a crown lol. “Crony capitalism” is by the way, the result of a world where one fear each other. (But fear is a illusion and does not really exist) Crony capitalism meaning regulating of trade. Regulating of trade such as : OECD, TTIP, TISA, NAFTA, OPEC etc…

The very opposite for what Milton and Ayan told us to do. These agreements are cannibalism. Pure and simple. And they are opposite of “freetrade”.

Please understand that it is all politics.


The golden rule. Do unto others like you would like to be done unto. Give like you want to receive and love thy neighbor. Teach non – violence and non – aggression to your child. Because they deserve a better world to grow up inn.

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Thanks for reading.

Have a nice day.


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