Day 605 – The immigration problem – what is the solution ?

As long as there is poverty issues, and war issues somewhere in this world, then people will flee and become refugees within this world. During 2014, 42,500 persons per day, left their homes. Today there are about 60 million refugees in this world. Fleeing from poverty and crimes, running from atrocities of their home land. Why ? Because the system is rigged this old way to really on war and to really on poverty. Capitalism is today reliant on someone being poor and someone being without money. Western government send billions and billions in aid to these countries and then corrupts the country and leave it form cooperation and lawyers and military to keep them in their misery. Through perpetual wars around the world. There are people whose job is to create conflict in this world. To keep Africa in a constant fight, and to create the state of Israel to have eternal war in the middle east. For profit. For money.


I would have done the same. If I was born in Somalia, and being told that no there is no job for you. You cannot have money – no sufficient food – nope, no safety of a house. Sorry.

If I was told this then of course I would flee to UK or to France or to Sweden or Denmark, because I know that life there is better.

Anyone would flee and be a refugee. No doubt about it. So it is all about placing oneself in the shoes of the immigrant. Of the refugee. And think what is the best solution to this issue?

These refugees, try to find better life. They do it to survive. They do it because there is no other option. And we in the western world have robbed their resources (gold, oil, gas, diamantes, and so on) and bombed their country and they children. These countries are very rich on resources. It is just that they are being exploited, by big capitalism and the old system. We all did this. For profit, for money.

We need to change this old system of aid and exploiting, and war form profit. We need a new system. And that system is a Living Income Guaranteed/Basic Income for all. Stop all private banks. Private banking is the very, very driving factor in this world towards war and conflict. Private banks that are owned by a very few elitist families are one of the very most ruining factors in this life. End private banks. That would be a start. Give everyone money to live a life in decency. Give money direct to all.

Check out the link : Have a nice day


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