Day 602 – Personality of projecting self perfection

When you project, you are basically seeing parts of yourself that you’ve separated yourself from, onto another. So – whenever we for example react to someone else, we have to bring that which we react to in them, back to ourselves – because when we react, we’re not actually ‘seeing’ another – we’re seeing a mirror of ourselves.

Anna Brix Thomsen

 walk the talk -Anna



I see myself, my beigness and my awareness and also moment stuck in the old mind, where I would project pictures of perfection, myself as perfection, onto others. My dream picture projecting. A movie theater in my mind lol. I would sort of hide from taking the full responsibility of … yes perfecting myself. Like to slow down when coming home with grocers. Take a long breathe, and gather myself, safe at home. To read blogs loud and clear (since I live alone) To pick up that cigarette but from the street and throw it in the bin, where it belongs. To say something nice to that lady, because I deep down care for her. To go to gym that day I did not feel like doing nothing at all and rather sweat out some issues. To further realize that gym and workout is some of the very best medicine for me that I can have. To live like love is the answer because it is. To say in words “Thank you mother earth for letting me be her one more day”. Gratefulness. And that is it. To live what I preach. Walk the talk, day by day, breath by breathe.

Because a result of this neglect, and ignorance of self honesty, is that I am projecting, onto others,  how my life should be. How I would like for there to be someone picking up trash from the streets instead I do it myself. How I would project to other people  – say something nice to that person, instead of doing it myself. How I would think and project “You go get fit, I will chose ignorance from the sofa”. I would get annoyed of how I would see that projection of myself going to gym and not living it. And instead, turn the coin, taking responsibility for myself and the situation, and actually acting out and doing performance, dance, share a hug that I really wanted, live, go to the gym, and be myself, in self honesty.

Abra – ca – da – bra – I create my own reality.

Because, it is still very affluent that old saying: “Do onto others like you want to be done unto yourself”

A shorter but more complicated version is: “You are me in another life”.

Rules and quotes to live by.

And all in all, I think I need to slow down quite a bit to really be able to feel my breathe awareness and to be alive and actually living perfection because self forgiveness have set me free, from energy slaving. And this we will all need eventually. There is no more reincarnation, it have stopped, this is the last cycle – so lest make the best of it.

For self perfection and developing self honesty, and to learn self forgiveness I would recommend these links:

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Here I am @ the gym 27.07.2015

gym projecting

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