Day 601 – Personality of …

Personality of …

I realize that I have this polarity dance within myself. It is the oldest game in town. Between positive and negative. You know like we were told that there is a Devil and a God, good and bad, and so on. All completely brainwashing and lies. Of course our parents did not know any better than to teach us that since they also were completely… brainwashed. There is no genuine livable positive or negative. There is on the other hand what is best for all. There is a possibility to live without mind, and to live as physical and to live inn awareness.

Personalities is create over time on how we behave and how we learn to act. It is copies from our parents and all these behaviour patterns are then compressed together in to a personality or several personalities.

I have Schizophrenia. I am walking with desteni – out of my schizophrenia. I am also walking with the local health care team to better cope with my challenges everyday.  I am walking out personalities since schizophrenia is a lot about personalities acting out fighting amongst themselves. From this fighting there occurs frictions which is then sound or voices in the head, anxiety and emotions.

Schizophrenia is essentially when personalities of your mind / consciousness starts embodying itself into behaviour all at the same time, so you have for example 2 / 3 different personalities trying to ‘live themselves out’ in the body at the same time causing much inner conflict. Whereas with most people in this world, the personality systems of their mind / consciousness are more ‘controlled’ in the sense that one personality at a time will activate that they will then embody and then live out dependent on where they are / with who they are. – Sunette Spies

I am walking all the personalities that occurs within me. (see video from process)

Thank you


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