Day 591 – Deleting a personality – charity for karma / personality.

I am hereby deleting a personality within me. My personality of giving to charity, to beggars and to people, asking me for money. It stops right here.

When I give into this idea that I should give money to someone, because they are poor, I give into the positive polarity, program of nice, of kind, and generous, of “being Jesus”, of being cool and caring. While on the down side of that personality I am suppressing patience, bravery, creativity, effort and common sense to mention a few. When I give to charity I am giving into the positive personality and expecting to swim in nice “bath” of karma and words like divine, supreme, nice person etc. From pushing karma on myself, boosting myself on positivity. Living a lie. Swimming in the pool of charity. Pool of ego. Nice words to myself and of what I expect out of karma. When I have been giving money to charity I have been expecting karma in return later. To remind myself what a “Jesus” I am. What bullshit! Totally corrupt and simply protecting the greed and the lies of the old system that created this poverty in the first place. And I fail to address the poverty as I give the poor beggars money.

Within my unconsciousness, I am experiencing suppression over bravery, courage, patience, creativity and so on. Things that could have helped these beggars out of their misery. I suppress it into anger, sadness and frustration and anxiety. It is the direct outcome of my personality. It is my creation to suppress within me and to maintain the old system of abuse and crime and to give people money out of charity is really like spitting in their faces. It is maintain the same system. It is simply clinging on to the same system. It is a crime.

I realize that giving money to beggars and poor people is simply maintaining the same old system of lies and corruption. I hereby commit myself to no longer give money to beggars and to poor people out of charity. Poverty should be banned. I commit myself to delete poverty instead from a system level, and to change the system, not maintain it.

For further context please read :

Investigate : – to end all poverty


Thank you !

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