Day 588 – Living income works – I am living proof – giving people money – works


I am given approximately 17 000 kroner’s each month. Something like 2200 dollars each month from the Norwegian government. It is money to survive. To pay my bills. To live my life.

I am currently participating in more and more work. ( Proof)

I am participating with my experience as a mental patient and a energy/drug addicted and a confused young man, to recovery, to bring the new recovery innovations – to the world as a change within how we treat people out off mental issues. Also knows as psychiatry.

I am given 2200 dollars each month and I can tell you for sure that when I got myself cleaned up from drugs – I started to want to work. I want to be out there doing work voluntary or paid I want to contribute. I am not being able to work 100% or even 50% But I still participate – once I was clean of addition and could stand on my own fucking feet.

Today I will be dancing in the streets of Stavanger. I will be laughing into to summer night and I take on all the challenges that our world faces. Talk about it, and bring solution to it. Challenges are huge. You can hurt me with truth, but to not comfort me with a lie. Do you know why ? Because I fucking care about life and this earth. Genuinely. That is how I started a life with drugs/energies in the first place. I was sensitive and in need of drugs to ease my pain. So I ended up a long loop of addictions.

Abuse no more. I commit myself to stand as that rock solid and supporting piece of change that the world needs through breathing, and living the honest change. Of and as life.

I commit myself to life.

Living income guaranteed is the change the world needs. Do not miss it. Se you around.

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