Day 586 – How to end self judging ?

Why do we self judge?
Why do I judge myself because of what happened years back ?

When I look at this point I realize that I wonder sort of why do I want to punish myself … ever? I have this little room or space within my awareness and sort of within my being and mind that tells me that I should not judge myself because then I will only hurt myself. What is this place or this area where I can nurture and give place to grow, to NOT judge myself ?

One more time. I have this space or seat or area within myself … where I do not allow myself to judge myself at all – because it is foolish. Self judging is wrong. It is obvious but it is very, very forgotten by most. So.. I have managed to create this little space within myself out of common sense, to tell myself to NOT judge myself.

The place in itself is sort of naked and … natural by looks. From origins sort of. It relates to learning and to being inspired.

Capture this: My space inside myself, that tell me to avoid self judging is a place for learning and inspiration, creativity and occupation. Learning new skills. Being busy. That is important. Not giving myself time to judge myself – by having a schedule to follow 24/7 – that is it ! What is best for all. Learning new things meeting new folks, sharing new ideas, eating new food, talking new tunes, dancing new dances etc. That is the opposite to judging self, That is real life.

That is the area that I will nurture. I will make time supportive, and to make my creativity and self worth grow and expand.

Give time to

Thank you.


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