Day 579 – Life after death for an inheritor


Looking at this very, very interesting topic of standing on life side after someone dies. Being left behind and being in charge. Is there enough money to pay for a proper funeral?  Why are funerals the way they are ? Why are there no laws to regulate the dying process? The cost of a funeral can be many thousand dollars. Are you suddenly prepared for that ?

I have not talked to my parents about this at all or with my sisters/family at all. I know that if someone I love and that stand me near should die I would not know what to do. There should definitely be laws to regulate this. How is people supposed to arrange all this ? It becomes a impossible task. It ends up totally as  money/work for lawyers. This is big business for lawyers and arguments within a family is very regular. There should definitely be laws to make sure that all expenses are paid after someone dies. Families are torn apart everyday because of these issues.

Funerals is a very, very traditional thing. Meaning we wear the same clothes and sing the same songs, we have the same kind of tombstones that all say them same… it is a very “brick in the wall” operation. There are today solutions to make your body into compost completely after dying a spot of ecological death – it is a option some places in Norway now I know. But it costs.

I mean there should be some money on a account in a sort funeral arrangement found or something that could only be opened by the inheritors of this person dying. Money that adds up through the years and that is all there to serve to pay the expenses of someone dying.

I will take the initiative to talk to my parents about this mater to be prepared to one day stand as a example of dealing with death and funerals because it is expected of me as a human on this earth. It is expected of me from society. I commit myself to take that talk with my parents. I commit myself to deal with this issues my relatives are still here, on this planet.

What are you going to do ?

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