Day 575 – Vibrating energies and the “I breathe” – code

Vibrating energies and the “I breathe” – code


art work by:

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Life is not thought it is breathe…

So within very many ..what shall I say.. new age thinking or love and light thinking/believes/followers of Hicks and so on, there is a theory that you should vibrate – to connect to a higher self or to connect to something higher than your consciousness.

It is a believe that if you keep your tone – your inner self – vibrating you achieve something from a law of vibrating.

It claims that if you vibrate you can balance the universe etc.

Your own tone. Let me give you some perspectives. We humans breathe. We breathe through our lungs. This is our ultimate tone. Our sound that we cannot take away. Our body is designed in such a way that we need to physical bring oxygen with our blood and to our cells. This makes sound.

This breathing has a tone. A tune if you like. When we breathe there is friction of air through our throat and down into our lungs and to the body. And it makes this whistling tune or this tone,  and that tone we can program. There is sound to ordinary breathing. Please dear reader, leave behind this faith or believe that you should vibrate, in anyhow. It is not sane. If you find yourself vibrating a lot of frequencies you are actually experiencing a possession/psychosis.

Let me write this one more time. If you during your day experience that you vibrate within your energies inside your mind/body physical. You are experiencing a possession and your experiencing a illness called psychosis. Which is the same, by term as a possession.

To push your breathe into vibration is not a cool thing, it drives you into a state of possession. Or into psychosis.

The clue her is to keep a steady rhythm of and maybe to tell yourself, inn words, your own breathing. Your breathing should be stable and sound to yourself to handle. Let your body know that you are breathing, that is your ultimate tone. I breath (inn) – I breath (out) only the (I breathe) is sounded.

I sound the words “I breathe” – for every inn breath and for every out breathe. The clue is to be aware. This is my awareness key – to share with you. That is how I live in awareness- which is beyond consciousness, and which is safe, healthy and best for all solution. I can recommend it. Very much. Bring yourself back to earth/ground with sounding your breathe like I breathe for every breath you take. Or you could also se the 4 count breathe. Which is counting from 1 to 4 for every breathe you take. Inn and out. There are different methods but, you should know that to vibrate is more like to go into a psychosis and inn to a possession. And that is not healthy. And not what is best for all.

Learn to breathe. Tell yourself “I breathe” (you breath inn) and , ( I breathe) you breathe out. All the time for awareness.

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