Day 574 – Pre programmed desires ?


When I think of desires I think of ice cream. I think perhaps of Baywatch or the female body. Perhaps my thoughts tell me that this is something that I would like to have that is more or less forbidden for me. I would perhaps think it is, something that will not serve me good. I would think that desires are something that I do not really need. It is something extra. Or almost illegal.

From a system level desires are thrown at us in a very hurry from all sides of media. Porn is getting to be more and more mainstream. There is sugar inn very, very many of the products at the supermarket, even though it grows cancer, and we are almost bombarded with commercials about how to look fit and slim and fresh at the same time.

Desires are very much manipulated into culture. From consumerism, and into our daily lives. Every adult on this planet knows about Coca Cola – even though it is very unhealthy drink. And Red Bull are selling millions of liters of the energy drink, even though people are dying from heart attack from it. Porn is ruining our relationships and our families – but we are not tough about it in school to avoid it, or almost anywhere else that it is in fact abnormal to watch porn – and it is not sane to desire other people all the time.

Desires are thrown at us from we are born. Desires are very much controlling our lives. It is from choice only a question of gaming. Vodka or Cola. Left or right within the old paradigm. Conservative or social. It is all a game and it is causing so much pain in the world.

Lets all agree on this one thing. The free market is not going away.

The free marked inn is it itself a cool thing. But we need social security all over this world. We need social security to make sure all are heard and cared for. I do not care, like, Michael Jackson sings it, if you are black or if you are white. It is all the same. And there is no god above that will rescue us. And there is no devil below that will burn us. It is us here, now. What we have, what we are. There is no right or wrong, there is only what is best for all. Desires are used to trick us into consuming and to drugging away our lives. It is a system error. It is a pre program. It is very much like matrix. Indeed. Remember this, there is no right and there is no wrong; there is only what is best for all.

Have a nice day

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