Day 570 – Paradigm shift / zeitgeist


Psychiatry is being built down. In case you did not know it psychiatry; is being built down in western countries. And it is gradually being fragmented and changed into recovery. In Norway it is being shut down hospitals units, with its bed and drug kind of treatment all over the country. Peer to peer treatment, diet, and workouts is some of the key element within the new approach.

Public hospitals all over Norway is being shut down to make way for the new potato: Recovery. To get well ! Not end up like consuming and addicted to drug and chemo.

It is worth noticing that this is happening on a parallel to a money reform/revolution that is silently and without too much media attention, for now, going on. The basic income movement that is determined to change the whole way we think of money. That’s right we are all programmed to think a certain way about money, and everything else in life, that is based on our past and upbringing.

But there are things happening: right now closer and close potentially to your bank account. Iceland was hit hard by the finance crisis in 2008. A thing that is worth noticing about the finance crisis in 2008; is that the richest 0.001 % of the world’s humans got even richer: by far. They benefited on the finance crisis. You and me paid for it. Ordinary folks paid for it through ordinary living. Now… Iceland was hit hard by the crisis in 2008.. and what Iceland is doing today is stunning. They are overturning all banks there have been on Iceland. They are throwing them out! They are saying that banking and finances should be done by the government and no one else. Only the government should lend out money.

If you did not know it the usual private banking is simply making loans/money out of thin air. There is lots of cool documentaries on this. The money that a bank claim to have does not exists at all. It is based on old rules of fraud and lies. It goes way back to the roman empire, and before that with lies and fraud. The free market is not going away and I do not think that there is a honest soul on earth that would want it to : go away. So the free market is here to stay sort of. But we need a social security. Badly. Iceland is throwing out all its former banks and finance institutions. And making banking into a government thing: to lend out money. New Zeeland and Sweden, Greece and other countries are not far behind. A basic income guaranteed for all is coming to you, sooner or later you will be granted a basic income. Guaranteed in your life.

These two events/changes from psychiatry to recovery and a money reform worldwide is going on today. And it is a part of the greater paradigm shift. Paradigm shift or zeitgeist whatever we call it, it is now: here and it is going on within this world.

A wave of social right movements, and anti war movements is also worth to notice, that goes on, within this picture. We can stop all wars if everyone starts to live by the golden rule to “Do onto others as you would like to be done onto yourself” and “Give as you want to receive” and ” Love thy neighbor”. What is best for all –> will eventually shine through within this existence: more and more. What is best for all – because within all I (you) are included.

Anti war, basic income, social rights, recovery of mental health, golden rule, money reform, etc… find out what you can contribute in this inevitable change that are over us. Find out how you can be a part of the larger picture. Check out the links: See you around !

Some cool documentaries:

The best immediate alternative :

Living income guaranteed porposal:

Equal rights:

The end of psychiatry:

Oneness and equality:

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