Day 561 – Stabilize ?

Wings of desire

I need to stabilize myself, I wrote in the last post. What does this mean more in detail ? Here as breathe and as quantum physical, and as quantum mind. What does this mean?

Quantum physical is the point of having a point, safe zone, within yourself. Lungs or heart or lever or kidneys etc. Lungs is most common with me. To be aware of this point and to bring common sense and solution from here. Bring solutions from this point within myself. It is like I focus on my lunges and I breathe and direct my breathe that I am making me go a little into muscle tightness. My muscles tightens as I go into this radical breathe and at the same time have a full focus on my lungs.

What is interesting here is that I am able to turn this tightness within me within my body into fun. Into laughter. I can start to laugh out into the this air from tightening my muscles and when I do that I simply have loads of fun. It is great. Instead of having emotional balls rise from solar plexus, and into my head/mind to create thoughts/reactions.

I laugh and then I go back to breathing and physical awareness. And as I do this I am telling myself to pay attention to quantum mind. My component(s) of quantum mind is my living out from within. My quantum mind is my living out from within my physical.

Radical breath and full focus within to be brought out is my solution. To embrace the parts of me that go into muscle tightness within a internal hug and forgiveness, and turn what could have evolved into anxiety into laughter and fun.

Yes I have thoughts, that pop up from time to time. At specific places on my body from my memories and else. I forgive and guide myself past these/them.

I realize that I am loosing my faith. This will be interesting.

For further investigation and solutions I would suggest to go through these sites that I mention here below.

Perfection is possible.


A Inspiring video:


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