Day 556 – Honest

I research myself within my participation with, and I realize that there are certain points that are more prominent than others. Within me. Like this point of reading loud to myself from blogs and articles. I want to give myself the best possible treating and service possible. I want to heal myself. I want the tip top product to myself and my body. And that is offering me, so; I want to be 100 % honest with myself and I realize that I have this very, very important point of reading loud to myself. From blogs and articles.

I live alone. I have a place for my computer and my stereo, in my living room. I realize that since I do not bother anyone with reading loud: I should do just that. I should give myself that special treatment out of love and common sense. Like when I read loud. It makes the whole balance into perfection. If I am at a library or a office, where and there are other, people around me, I cannot read loud then I will read inside of me. That is not a problem.


I forgive myself for the friction within me, for the reactions, for old energetic memories, expectations, convictions, and personalities, ideas, ego, and comparisment and so on. Meta data. For my emotional past. When I forgive myself I would most like to say it loud to myself: to give myself that special message/massage to my physical out of granting myself love/forgiveness like care for myself – from myself. I would like for there to be honesty with my everything. So I investigate myself and I find that when I read like mumbling just screaming through the text, I am experiencing reactions and friction within me. My physical cannot hear /heal what the eyes are reading. I realize that when I react or produce thoughts I am acting out of e- motions, energies in motion. Pre – program, where the “e” in emotions eventually symbolize both, energies and ego. It is a tight as that. Investigate honestly for yourself. You will have great discoveries if you give time to It is not a joke. It is a gold mine/mind.

Here is a little honest treat for you: because If you do not, forgive yourself…If you do not us this tool, that you have in front of you, then you are what? What are you then ? A personal number ?? Yes.. meaning nothing but a Adolf Hitler copy. Another copy. The ” worst man”- where everyone is competing to be as greedy – and get away within it… the ego, the energies, the emotions, thoughts, … life (?) You are nothing but a copy from the past. I am not joking when I say that self forgiveness is the great key in life. Please use it. I beg of you. Stop the deviant, derision; pre – program movie in your mind head. You have seen it before. Movie in the head. Same same.

There is a desideratum of honesty in this world. Seek no further: it is honesty

So I investigate myself and whet I find important and prominent is that I would like to use my voice & tonality to really talk to myself and heal myself… it is 2015. Time to open up. Tell myself how much I love myself that I could even forgive myself. For anything, and that it is mostly meta – data/junk and thoughts, and shit like that within the mind, that is the human bother.

So I suggest for you to give yourself the very best treatment in town: : investigate self, investigate desteni. It is the honesty of this world. I am telling myself to develop self – communication. What I need to is read out loud. I tell myself that I should read aloud to comfort myself and to give myself that special time and care to myself that I want and need. Not in a druggish way. Self – forgiveness is the release of energies. – Which is mostly what addictions/ drugs is all about : energies. Free yourself: investigate

Have a forgiving day

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Desteni Stands for Oneness & Equality

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