Day 554 – Religion = re – align /re – unite

Religion = re – align /re – unite

Religion is made, into the reason for the new war on Islam/Isis/Middle east collapsing. So it must be reversed and made into the solution. Religion, means within the letters of the word, – to re – unite. It is time that we start to have meeting like we see the detente, between Iran and USA, such cool solutions where, agreements is established and where agreements are made to not go to war. Like the Pope arguing to have a money reform.

A important concept about religions, is to understand how ; Islam is the oldest religion going back to the worship of moon and stars and the Egyptian goods, of those days. Later it became Christianity and Catholic church. And here is some of the keys to understand the world where we live. The Protestant church, and also the Shia – Islam where create in , respectively, The United Kingdom and also in Iran. To free itself for the ideological dominance and religious control of, the Rome/Pope and Catholic for the UK/ protestant and The Arabic empire and Islam for the Iran. Both Iran and UK did this, because they saw how easy it is to control people and to manipulate people from teachings of religions to the people. To teach and dominate the religion one must tell people their religions. Tell them their believes. Like it was done on a “new” basis from the Lutheran/protestant and Shia/Islam in Persia and in Europe. This, change or religions practice, both UK and the protestant church have done for centuries ago, through Royalties and priests to control and manipulate the people. Together with how Shia – Islam, Iran is different from the Rest of the Arabic world, with wars and conflict emerging, in the middle east, all because of oil and money in the region. All war are bankers wars. This needs change.

So what would we like to see? The true meaning of the word religion. To re – unite. Peaceful activism, criss/cross believes meting and uniting from top level servants and officials & activist and ordinary people like you and me. To build bridges, like the US is doing with Iran, with the nuclear agreement these days (April 2015). And to not let the war mongers and big bankers win.

I realize within myself, how I have been living simply projecting blame on religions – failing to see the solution in the words/letters. It is all there hidden in plain sight. To re – unite.


Iceland, with its 325,671 people, is in many ways leading on with this battle , with reforming its banking system. And other countries will follow them. Or else we are doomed. We must change our money system, step by step, day by day. Into a more honest and equal world, through living income guaranteed created by the equal life foundation. And we must not let war and conflict dominate  us, no more. And we must, all, in our daily lives, lead the way, to heaven on earth and to a life that is, what is best for all. Like the Golden rule; to love thy neighbor.

The best immediate alternative :

Living income guaranteed proposal:

Equal rights:

Thank you.

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