Day 553 – What are reactions ?

1: something done, felt, or thought in response to a situation or event.

“my immediate reaction was one of relief”


2: A response to a stimulus.


So reactions “go of” inside of us and create the further thought/stress. We are living very much of our lives in reactions. We are thought to react to certain word and to certain smells and to certain colures and shapes. Like the swastika, that we are thought to fear. We are brought up to react to if people fart. Or if people express in a certain way. Nudity for instance. We are programmed to react.

Reactions are very physical. Meaning that it is actual mater from within oneness flesh that is the source of the actual reaction. Like voices in the head. It is actual matter that is making the noise/sound. From memories. So we are thought/programmed to react to certain events and certain patterns. But it becomes almost like a illness off stress and thoughts and backchats and voices in the head, if we let it go on. Like I said it is extracted from the physical. Reactions are born/seperated from physical flesh.

And if you allow it to simply go on the reactions will create stress and illness of mind/mental. I say till here no further. I will not go into reactions no more. I want to live calm and to live in ease. I was the good life. Don’t you ?

Enough reactions all ready. It have been going on too long. I commit myself to stop reactions and to end all the reacting in total. I commit myself to end the reacting that I have been playing and extracting from my physical like a illness. I commit myself to forgive my reactions. All of them. Enough separation from self and responsibilities. I have been having enough reactions as it is. I will work to stop my reactions. And I commit myself to breathing awareness and to living in responsibility. Without reactions.

To stop reactions study :

Desteni I process

Desteni Stands for Oneness & Equality

Free online writing course:


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