Day 550 – My relationship to energies

My relationship to energies

When I say the word: “energies” – out loud to myself, I see these different shapes and colures, red and blue. Separated, red and blue and also I see this electric adapter. So why do I see these shapes and colures? I realize that red is representing, positivity, heart , blood, and what is supposed to be good. And blue symbolized negativity and what I am programmed to think of as bad. But this colures of good and bad is simply not true, it have been brainwashed into me to think of minus – as blue, and wrong and red as heart, positive and good. It is programming. I have been brainwashed,   to think that these energies are greater than myself. From stories of God and Satan. Lies. These are all lies, that I have been brainwashed with from before I was born. You try, perhaps close your eyes, and say the word “energies” to yourself… what do you see in your mind ? It is the honest of you. You should listen…

So energies have been a program within my past, my growing up, the past 30 years or so, living a quite ordinary life in Norway. And ending up, sitting here typing these words and relying on myself to handle my energies, feelings and emotions. So it is safe to really on a neutral ground/energies? Giving into neutral will get you nowhere, it is like blank, no solution, and you are easily corrupted with ego from thoughts. And I would really just like to quit all thinking. All of it. Thoughts is nothing but paranoia in action. Thought are stress. Stop as much as you can of it. And it all goes back to energies, to the paranoia. Do not fear thoughts, but limit it as much as you can. It is a fact of life and how we are living on this earth with the mind and with the common thing we have to share: responsibility. Humans judge. Animals do not judge. When a baby child falls over from learning to walk, it does not judge itself for falling down. It simply accepts a failure and goes at it again. In this manner we can see that there is not “good God” up in heaven that wants to save us. There have been enough religious carcinoma, going on already. It is time to get physical. It is all about ourselves and our relations to mind and living. Responsibility. Positivity is but a energy within the math of plus and minus, where emotions are the minus in the math of self, and psychology.

So you could very well say that there exist no right and no wrong, but what exist is: What is best for all. Because from all, I am also included. It is a sort of positive realism. I am part of all. And what is best for all is also best for me. Common sense. This is are learning sentences of politics, and collective solutions.

When I think more of energies I think of how I addict to it from my experience and my past. Where I have lived before with addictions. Eventually it is just a energy “ride” with addictions and we are more or less slaved to whatever energies that we are presented from media, commercials, society and relations.

Eventually it is all about becoming responsible with self, to give the very, very best solution and starting point and earth, to the coming generations. Lest do this for what is best or all. 20 something thousand children die every day, from starvation and a lack of real food. This fact is creating sickness within us all. Directly and indirectly inequality is creating sickness with the humanity. Money is both the issue/problem and the solution/key to bring heaven to earth, to give the very, very best earth to our children that we possibly can. Let’s do this check out living income guaranteed – a solutions to world suffering. It is the best immediate solution. It is positive realism. It is living income – Guaranteed.

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The best immediate alternative :

Living income guaranteed porposal:

Equal rights:

Thank you.


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