Day 546 – Deleting a personality Part 1

The personality I want to delete, and stop living,  is this personality:

“I suck at wood – working and carpeting”

backchat-self-sabotage - MarlenVargas

Art By:  Marlen Vargas Del Razo

I realize that I have been living this personality from my past. Going back to elementary school, when we had wood crafting class. I realize this backchat have been playing of in my head on wood works:

“I suck at wood work”

“I cannot use the sanding paper properly”

“I cannot handle the planer to go with woodwork ”

” I am not a good carpenter – so I am not a cool guy in general”

“I cannot hit a nail in properly”

I realize that I have been living this backchats/personality many times in my life, limiting myself with living this personality. I realize that it have caused a lot of bother within me, both on the choices I made on getting a education and also my ability to trust myself and to be confident with my choices and my studying and my work.

This backchats have been going on within me and causing me to limit myself in important places of work. It made me quit this one place I worked where  I left that working place in tears, it was a mess. It was not cool at all. I realize that this backchat have ruined two working opportunities for me and driven me into emotional suffering and reactions/anger.

So now I have indentified this personality.

I will work on self forgiveness and self corrections in blogs to come.

Thank you!

Desteni I process

Desteni Stands for Oneness & Equality

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