Day 535 – Breathe

The last couple of days I have been living focusing more and more on my breathing and giving less and less time to thought. I have been pushing myself to squeeze my breathing out of my body and not thoughts out of my mind.

It is not easy nor is it hard. You just do it and forgive if/when you have thoughts. Forgive them and the psychological components and move on as breathing.

I have made this into my very first priority number one these days, where I tell myself to be breathe and not think at all, and what so ever.

I do not allow myself to fall into the addiction of thinking and thoughts. I do not accept the fact that it would feel nice and cool or inn anyway ok to have thoughts. I will push myself to be breathe and to live in every way as breathe no matter my activity.

It could be a struggle if I let myself fall into stress. If I let myself fall into stress as I go on my daily walking I would typically, have these minute, brief internal conversations going off in my head saying to me “what if this, what if that”” – what if the house burns down or the coffee machine is still on, in my apartments, etc.. And I must push myself to not fall into paranoia and thoughts from fear of having my apartment burning down. Into a conformity or awareness that my apartment is safe and sound as it is.

I realize that as I go on daily walks I am more and more open to show consideration and care for others. To great everyone with a “howdy”. Everyone. To show love every day. To pick up trash from the streets for instance. Purpose in life, and writing and sharing it, like here.

So I go on daily walks or I go to swimming or gym. Unless there is a very, very freaking bad storm outside I must everyday have my work out. And that is not negotiable.

So I live more and more as breathe and less and less as thoughts. It is a process that I have committed myself to push through for some days and then see the result. Like I said it is not easy or hard it just have to be done. Breathe normally, use hydrogen peroxide if I need to clean my lungs, and gradually step down from my thinking “tower”. If you want to learn how to use Hydrogen Peroxide I suggest to join the Facebook groups that is called Hydrogen Peroxide Research – check it out. Further I would like you to check out other blogs from the walking 7 years journey to life, blogging that group is called 7 Year Journey to Life. It is a Facebook group.

7 year journey to life:

Hydrogen Peroxide research:

Check it out and have a nice day.


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