Day 534 – Being drawn and directing


I am living my life with more and more time having the self directing power of myself and my mind and living. What seams important for me to remind myself of here is that, what I have and carry within will be reflected without and within my surroundings and my world and living. All of me, my past and my present. This bring me to the idea that if I can keep my inside peaceful and safe, I will have the same effect on the outside in my world.

I am directing energies more then they direct me. This thing of directing I have been developed a quite distinctive approach within. I will not be directed by energies I will direct them.

And where this leaves me is sort of a view out of the larger patterns of energies, feelings and emotions, a larger scale of what is matters and what is fact and what is consequences.

Now I have learns through directing my energies I will take more responsibility for myself I realize that through directing energies I am being more both influential l and able to be honest within my purpose of and field of work that is, psychiatry.

So I have literally gone from being drug addicted, and very much a bum of the streets, if you go back 3 years in time. Until no having one of the very leading roles in online activism and in the environment where I live to direct and guide and move myself and find solutions to the psychiatry potato, and to make it real. It is all in the directive principle where I tell myself that I will direct energies I will not let them direct me. And then I work on self forgiveness on the friction and the pockets of energies and the reactions that occur, I correct myself with commitments and I move on within my life. I change the reality.

Self forgiveness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give into the energies that tell me to move on from these patterns and these energies where I convince myself that I will find better solutions elsewhere, with new patterns and new pictures, where I tell myself that I need to change my script or my scene, where I fail to realize that this world is rooted within the foundations of right and wrong, plus and minus etc. This is all going back to the DNA within our bodies, or how we are a conscious mind characters. And I realize that like inn math, if you have plus point, and a minus point you can draw the line between them and voila you have pin of polarity, a line and a possible personality. Or just energy. Fact is that people will try to fill this energy, this line of “Free personality” with self inn desperation because of how people, are living today in a constant fear, poverty and desperation, and are willing to do just about everything, careless, to move from this and into something else as long as it is not fear. It is like CONSUMING. We by new shirts, shoes, coca cola, personalities, cars or houses, because we are thought that IT would make us HAPPY. We worship what is new because it is how we are programmed. What I suggest is that we go back to the origins, to self – respect , to self – love to self – forgiveness, to self – honesty. And restore life !

Enough is enough.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to picture myself “out on a lim” to try to do instant change in a hurry, and instant change life, where I fail to realize that things that are done in a instant and in hurry is seldom ending up like it was thought to end up, for the best of all, and I realize that we all need to slow down our pace and rhythm, in order to make sure that, this life is considered a life for everyone, that is not happening today, at all. It is not what we are seeing. We should be able to live in equality and on peace , oneness with each other and that is also why I am her on this earth.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that It is natural for me to have both feeling and emotion as pictures scenes within my life and my mind and my living in that order that when I see myself needing a fix or quick high on energies and I think to myself that I can just inject some positive feelings like heroin to my arm, where I fail to realize that positive feeling just as negative feelings are simple components of pre program.

I realize that I must figure out how I can physical and in real time make this world safer place for all, and by directing energies from my own self and my living into a life and living that I best for all.

I realize that I must dig into what a director does and how to be more physical here, within my own body, to treat my body like the temple it is, and to be 100 % aware of how I am directing the situation at any given hours.

I realize that I find it interesting with being a director and I realize that I could look into how I can treat my body with more care and consideration because this world needs for some more hours good leaders, and people to stand up within what is best for all, and not just themselves.

I commit myself to further investigate my energetic patterns and to further investigate how I could be a better leader.



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