Day 533 – Stop the separation of self

What is me.
Stop the separation.

I realize that I am going head on into some stress within my daily living lately. It comes and goes. It is the stress of feeling like separating from the parts of me that I would think of as some old trolls or skeletons in my closet. From the past.

I have a few skeletons in my closet. They are there. I need to embrace them from time to time to make sure that they are my responsibilities to handle, and I notice that I would fear them to be exposed to the sun shine or to the public conscious, and I further realize that I would fear to have them out open in the open, out of fear of separation from that and of letting go of the responsibilities of the memories. Because I must not forget that these memories are a part of me. They make who I am.

I realize that I have done everything that I can do to remove the energies from these trolls or these memories. And if there is components that I can work on still. I will do that. I realize that I must from now include these memories to my living and to my responsibilities of who I am. I realize that I must let myself escape from myself that would be separation and that would be wrong, and conflict.

And this is one of the BIG points in life. We as humans are seperated from mind. And it is driving us CRAZY. That is some of the purpose of why I am participating with desteni. To become equal and one with my mind. And literally everything.

It is a life chore to let go of the “hook from the past”. It is important to be one, total and genuine and responsible with self. Lets walk it together.

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