Day 532 – People getting deliberate sick to have safety of income inn Norway.

Why is it that only disabled people can receive a welfare – check in Norway ?

Why is it that young people in Norway have to get sick in order to be able to get a secure income?

This have to end and change. Everyone must be given a secure and plentiful income.

Everyone in Norway & in this world, must be given a income, through means testing.

One must not need to become sick, so that then; first, one can have the security of a income. The security must be there first, and prevent abuse of substance, and sickness. If you do not have work or make enough from before you must be granted for. The income must be to live a life in decency. No luxury. To live in decency. This way we will save a lot of tax payers money on treating young and old drugers and paying for alcohol cost and abuse and crime. I am not saying it will end crime and drugs, already, no, but it s heck of a good start. We will create a more transparent society, to prevent crime. People that in some way become sick within knowing or not knowing at all that; they did it, for the income safety. Everyone must be given enough money from starts. A means tested income to everyone on this earth! Today 80 people own practically the entire planet. This have to change. It is time to close the inequality gap. Take your time to read the living income porposal.

Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem sailor


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