Day 529 – Living income safety – Norway

Safety of income in Norway.

So here in this blog, I will be discussing and walking through some perspectives on myself being accustom to and a client of/with the welfare system in Norway. Having the convenience of what you could call a automated income as a safety. I live in the welfare state of Norway and I receive a full pension. We have long tradition, well since the 1970’s and the discovery of oil out in the North sea, of providing our population with a living fair share, of income. Social democratic Norway. Like most of the Nordic countries it gives its population a security of money that they can live off, In decency. 16 000 kroner’s. About 2100 USD, after taxes, each month I am granted. Yes, I am not lying. It is one of the very best pensions you can be given, and also, if you have worked before you receive the pension/disabilities, your pension is higher, depending on how long time you worked and then also how much money you earned.


I receive my welfare without any further rules or restriction. The only requirement I have been through, is documentation from a doctor, back in 2005, that I am not capable of working from being disabled.

Why only there is almost exclusively Norway that provides such benefits to its population is a mystery, and do not forget that we top rank the score on the living surveys in the world. Norway is proved to be the best living country to live in for decades. Together with typically Sweden and Denmark.

Since 01.05.05 I was granted a fulltime pension. It is a welfare pension that I receive, being unable to work, because of many and long lasting psychosis and also from drugs and alcohol abuse.

Now 10 years have passed since that day, and I am still on my pension. Today the rules are changed so that I can work today in addition to receive my pension. How cool is that ? The government wants me to work, also they can have more people in work and receive taxes, and se the long time benefits of employment. To have money circle around. And that is the healthy economy, to have money circle around. Without too many hold ups. If we are on welfare we could still receive both incomes. In 2013, there was about 312 000 people on this type of disability welfare inn Norway. Out of a population of 5 million people. And to my awareness many could potentially be working, it could be done, it is only that they see the system, so disempowering, and literally sickening, and wrong and that the inequality “gap” is simply to huge to grasp.

20 thousand children die every day from starvation in the world. You are doomed to take notice of it one way or the other. I do I notice these undercurrents within my mind of all the insanity that talks place. Man have proved himself to be super evil straight through. 100 % It is time to change. We can do better. A direct democracy is within reach for our nations countries. The suffering of others is sensible to the second part, somewhere else in this world. And a part of the information and knowledge inequality is creating sickness from witnessing other people having nothing and are actually living with abuse and in fear. In fear of money. Because they have none. For further perspective on fear of money check out these links. There is also slot of solutions and coolness to discover from these links. Enjoy them.

This particular disability program cost Norwegian tax payers 61 billons kroner’s inn 2013. About 8 billion inn USD (Today currency, 20. January 2015)

I live on 2100 dollars a month or 16000 kroner’s a month. After taxes. I make these money go around. I pay for my many different grocers. Vegetables, fruit, and fair trade coffee. I try to by as much fair trade and ecological products as possible. It is simply healthier. A new light bulb, or a writing book and pencils. I would buy meat, and hot spices. Maybe fish and also local produced honey. Grain and baking remedies. I do not buy a lot of sweets/chips etc. Like I said I make money go around. I would change the oil of my car, and I would pay my electricity bill, and my working out/ gym monthly subscription. So I live a life with a very automated income and expenses. 2100 that would sound like luxury to very, very many people. Norway is expensive to live in, things cost here, but my pension makes it sure that I can pay for living. I can even afford to have a car. That being said I work some hours and I am planning to work more and increase my income and, that way be able to spend more money on my activities/products.

So 8 billion USD, inn Norway, on people that are doing nothing that are disabled, huh? Yes that is correct, and there are several of other programs for people in between. Like simply without jobs or on social welfare of other reason. So, in Norway, there are some, not vary many that often that are quite far our right on the political scale, that say that, we spend too much money on welfare. Quite ordinary, but not too loud. That too much of our tax money go to the disabled. And they continue with blaming us as a group for running with drugs and abuse and crimes also. Stigmatizing is very, very real. So as I said there are some voices that call in and tell their opinion or idea that they would

Well fare programs in Norway are famous. I mean look at the extreme differences in USA with how Wall Mart, pays their workers so (!) little wages, that the workers, had to rely on food stamps from government to make a living. That is simply scary and wrong. The government is then subsidizing Wall Mart through food stamps and by doing so subsidizing the wall mart owners wealth. That is a other type of well fare, the billionaires well fare.. giving money to the super rich almost direct from government money, So that Wall Mart, owners, have income direct or indirect from the tax/government money. What is further interesting here, and worthy of changing is that, typically in USA the price of beer and hamburgers and chips, are very, very low. It cost little, to live a life with unhealthy food. It is like the government want you to eat unhealthy food. In Norway the government have made beer, chips and typical, alcohol and cigarettes more costly. Because it cost a lots to treat these people, that are affected from the diseases that come with eating a lot of chips and drinking a lot of cola or beer, and so on. It eventually cost society lots. From health care and programs. And that is a huge difference from USA to Norway in that mater of how politics are run. We seem to be able to use more common sense. And the interesting perspective here is that to ask why is this so ? USA that is such a rich country ? Why do they not govern better? I am sure that there is a deep, deep cultural reason why this is so. And that paranoia have gotten to play a huge role in the society crating inequality and war within. So America go to Iraq/Vietnam/Afghanistan to fight and continue the war, within so without.

But still it is with a certain degree of pride that people say that they in Norway have a good social budget. We have one of the best welfare programs the world have ever seen. The feeling of collaborating and of solidarity gets us far. Some kind of strange love. The labor movements. Being a part of it all counts for a lot. System errors occur. Like the terror from Anders Behring Breivik. But what this episode does is simply making the bonds of collaborating and the feeling of solidarity, more certain and stronger, studies show, within how the people see themselves. In the peoples opinion. It ties us together. For the very most of us. Terror have this sort of effect on us to unite against the suppressors and the terrorist. That is partially what I think that the 9/11 is a false flag and a cover up that so few want to hear about or get into, because they are brainwashed with the official story, to what media tell them. But more and more are waking up and seeing daylight for what it is. And that is a trend that I support. Fully. We must not blindly rely on what a few media houses/governments tell us is the right or the wrong. They can be serving deliberate lies to protect themselves, or misguide the information. Like with mainstream media.

Some patriots inn Norway would say, that we are the new promised land. Because we have a lot of rain water and we have lot of thorium. We have wind and wave powers. A more clearer sunshine than many other countries. Thorium is a radioactive mineral that can be used to produce energy from reactions. We have lots of it, inn our mountains. Some science people think that this is the new within energy production. Radiation dangers, proves to be.. a scam mostly. Please read my blog here – on that subject.

The Norwegian welfare system is strong and including. We do need a better security net for low paid wages. And there is lots of young people and children that suffer in society. There are tons of pressure on school children to preformed, and a lots of people suffering inn psychiatry. Eating disorders and drugs, bullying, depression, suicide, loneliness, porn addiction, rapes, sexual abuse, and substance abuse, self harm, there is lots to handle. Eventually the words judges are yourself.

Norwegian government have today 20.01.2015 signed to open up for oil drilling in Barents sea. Way up north near Russia. Maybe climate change is pseudo science but it is still science juts like conspiracy theories are still theories. Maybe the blue – blue (the government is called this in Norwegian media) wants to secure money first. In that case it will for the good of all, and, perhaps the bad for nature.

Please read the living income guaranteed porposal, for everyone to have safety of income. Not just the Norwegians.

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Thank you for your precious time.

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