Day 527 – Where I live


Me and my foster brother in 1993.

I live in rural Norway. What the fuck does that mean ? Country side Norway. I live in a apartment In a small community owned house, that is situated in a village of 2600 people. It is a place with a supermarket, two gas -stations and a bus stop, and there are some various service stores, and some churches and several types of God/dog houses (Christian Lutheran) and two schools. Excused my choice of words it is not within my design to further analyze the term of God as anything thing else than dog, spelled backwards. It is my principle to write this out as I am the author and then responsible of this writing. I see it as my chore, to stop and halt the further carcinoma of religions brainwashing.

The community center is run by a administration of a mayor and some staff. We have a police station and doctor service. There is a psychiatric health team of nurses, (2 or 3) and a new gym. There is even a swimming pool at the biggest school that is open to public during some days of the week. Despite a slow handling from council administration, that rigid bureaucracy, we have now about a increase of population of 8 or 10 new inhabitants. They come from Somalia and they are refugees. Even though I think that multiculturalism have largely failed, I think of it a as great to think that we can have more people to engage within the type of country and community that we are here in Norway. Out of love. I think it is good for people to sort of realize and wake up from their steady and ever so steadfast pre programming and early design of life and appearance.

It is a alright place. It is like any other really. Old social democratic Norway. Mostly it is the science of dairy farming. Lots of dairy farms and various agriculture. Some industry and a lot of big tractors, and a highway running straight through the village. It is the old familiar site of a tractor driving with lots of cars behind it on the highway. Some fur farms and some sheep farms. We have a skiing resort and lots of mountains. People work with construction, as teachers, as nurses and as engineers, and with state driven social work, etc. People spend lots of hours working out. The local supermarket is where “it all goes down”. At least to my opinion. But it is a loose phrase. There is where expose is most real. The people, that go to church houses and to mess, would say that there, at the churches, is where it all goes down… but eventually we are all slave of consume, at least to my opinion. And that consuming products is the main religion of this world. And also inn this rural town and village.

We have lots of the birch trees here in this community. That is why the village is called Bjerkreim, or Bjerk – Birch – home or birch / home.

This is the place where I grew up. This is where I learned to ride a bike, it is where I learned to swim, and where I found my first porno magazine. It is where I learned to work with dairy cows, and to drive a tractor. It is where I half – hearted chose to be a part of the Christian Lutheran church groups in the 1990’s and to join in of that side of the social experience. It is where I have moved back to, within my adult life, to find peace and to work on myself and my mind. Edification of my character.

It is a nice place really compared to other places on this mother earth that is with considering   violence and crime going on. But that does not protect me from these undercurrents within my mind, of these designs of crimes and war and abuse creating friction and reactions from within. I see all this in news, and in the world around me. It does not make this a heaven on this earth because of the undercurrent of mind that is promoting war and abuse. And so we see it at the local supermarket, or when we meet at different places.

Therefore I am taking responsibility for myself, as I am all as, within doing what is ultimate best for all   when I say that I walk with desteni. I walk a forgiving process. I am done with hiding behind the names of God or Jehovah or other typical fictional ideas or drugs or gurus…. something that could save me that is not of myself. I have to save myself. I am done with being cagey. I will learn to stand within equality and oneness with all that I do or ever face of design. Would you not want to live, life the very, very, very, best you could ever live it, so that for instance, death, would not be that big a deal ? To give to the coming generation the very, very best opportunities ? To be able to say;  I did my share, to the full potential  ? What if  you had a chance ? Self forgiveness & to walk with desteni is that key inn life. Stop the matrix within/without. I am dead serious. Instead of being that same old Adolf Hitler protégé… In fact anyone who does NOT learn that one special key of self – forgiveness, will simply be that;  Adolf Hitler, guy, living over and over again. From pre – programming. From DNA … all that shit. With ego and greed, and war. I kid you not. Walking with is the only common sense solution. Together we can create heaven on earth, join us. Be a leader of this world though stopping the pre programming/ mind. I am done with being of admass. The process need not even be hard or difficult. But there only way to live forever, is through self – forgiveness & And that is not a joke. Emancipate yourself. Join us. So I live in Bjerkreim/Norway and I forgive myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame or judge the mayor of this village/town as slow or vicious or mean or cold hearted where I judge his political party as something that is wrong or bad within politics.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think of the mayor as this angry and mad little character that I judge as a not smart and a not sane character at all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to moralize or to judge the mayor or his staff of administration workers for being old farts and for not seeing what good or what is best for all, for instance with youth service programs that try to activate the youth from this village in sports or common activities.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge the police as wrong or bad from looking at statistics and judging them for doing a no good job and from not doing their work properly.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge the school system and the local school as abusive and wrong and to cal out that they are all living the pre- program of Adolf Hitler and that they are simply slaves of mind, where I further forgive myself that I accept and allow myself to think of myself as this Socrates character that is sort of a maniac or a nut within the town and the village.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that one day I can be in charge of this town or place or country and to call out that I am the ruler or mayor sort, of and I realize that I take on the full egoistic package and that I in fact live that pre – program of being Adolf Hitler myself over and over again with each thought or reaction from mind.

When and as I see myself going after the mayor or other people that are within power positions in society that make decisions, and that make rules where I live, and I start to think to myself that “now I am after you” like a type of game. I stop and I breathe. I realize that there have been enough political witch hunting’s, and that there have been enough political think thanks or political friction(war). I realize that it is time to get down to real business and to make life into what is best for all. I realize that it is time to start putting ones action where they can place into life what is best for all. I realize that it is time to start place into reality and real life and what is best for all and common sense mannerism. I realize that it is my chore to give to life what is best for all I commit myself to give to life what is best or all. I commit myself to give to life the best possible solution that could be implied. I commit myself to a life in equality and oneness, and what is best for all.


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