Day 525 – How to stop thinking.

I made a discovery today. I made a discovery about thinking (!) …and how I can prevent it.

I realize that when I think, I am giving into the thought with a degree of importance, and conscious takes mostly over and drives the thought towards infinity with its energies and leave myself to deal with my mind. This is what I already knew. I would study a thought until the thought, sort of get a life on its own. I give into the importance of the thought from my pre – program. Having studied the thought and its origins. I realize that I am giving into the thought from my perspective of studying the thought and I would then be giving in to my importance of having studied the thought. It is the studying of the thought that is important. To study and learn self. The thought inn itself is not important at all. It is given importance. It is a pure deceive of self and mind. The thought in itself is not important at all. It is just making things more difficult.

I realize that we are all being had. We are being had by ourselves and thoughts and mind. We give into thoughts and thinking that thoughts are important. Thoughts are not in fact important by themselves. They are given importance, they do not have this from starting point. They are given importance when we participate within them. That is also why they are so hard to stop. So I realize that the importance come from my awareness of studying the thoughts. This importance or energy is injected into the thought and a new lie/thoughts stream is born within head/mind.

It is like the importance of a King (Royal) .. It is not necessary at all. Thin  – king… It is given importance that is not at all needed to be given.

I read somewhere that humans have about 60 000 thoughts during a day. No wonder we are stressed out ! And if you consider the mess that we are in on this planet, it makes sense, because we think, project and dream about a better place, when we need to actually get to it, and practically do the change and make the political party and the physical realness to change the world.

So let’s stand together to be a physical practical change in this world. No more projected ideas and no more zombie mind. Join desteni today.


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