Day 523 – Soteria

I just finished reading the book Soteria  “Through Madness To Deliverance”, written by Loren R. Mosher and Voice Hendrix. I can recommend the book  to you, if you have the slightest interested in psychiatry and mental health solutions.

Soteria house pic

It is about one of the most serious and proven best, and least expensive, solutions that is given to patients as a alternative to state driven mental hospitals, from the 1970’s and 80’s inn California.

So what is Soteria ?

On wikipedia it says that Soteria is a greek goddess or spirit of safety and deliverance from harm.

It also says that it is a method of psychiatric treatment.

From Wikipedia… I would like to define it to myself here 🙂

The Soteria mental health, housing  project, is a model  about living in a house, together  through mental challanges. From there people are living and having their rooms and daily lives. Where also staff are living in the same house, and spending time, living, healing and working with lives challenges together. Like a group, and as individuals in the Soteria house. A common home for several people included staff, like peer workers or psychologist and nurses. Having their rooms and their beds in these houses, to care and to be with each other.

Soteria is a model that believes that the individual can actually change for what is best for all. Soteria believes that people can overcome pain and sickness within. Through cognitive training, social experimenting, basketball, fishing, walking, massaging, playing games, preparing food. You know, doing healthy/normal stuff. Soteria house model is a model to heal and help patients in need to therapy and help with mental issues. Soteria house is that massage, the physical contact, that was always forbidden in state driven hospitals.

The Soteria model does not work against chemical therapy but rather it included it within a general bigger bag of therapy forms and cognitive therapies, that is made to each patient. Soteria house includes several types of therapies and still, it is saves a lot from budget, compared to state driven hospital budgets. Soteria saves lives and money. A dubbel win situation. Soteria does not operate with locked doors but rather eyes on contact and a safe and individual security net, around every individual and around every patient.

This is absolute a cool model for the future to deal with mental health. If you treat people with only chemical therapy, then drug abuse and simply drug consumers, is what you get. And addicts and a lot of chemicals carries a lot off unwanted side effects. Chemical therapy can be used over a period of time or as a bridge into a given reality. But not a permanent solution and at least not as a single solution, like it is being practiced today in hospitals, in the western world.

Soteria houses or similar models are today having a new spring in the world. It is establishing in UK and USA, more and more as it proves to save money and to save human lives.

The patients are encouraged to share and interact and show care for other patients. And to be supportive. To know one, you must to be one, right ? At least within the Soteari house model, it is to be expected that everyone that lives in Soteria houses, it is learning to live. Coping together. To be a part in others lives through mannerism and expressing. To be supportive with what is best for all. Treatments and in other’s lives for what is best for all.

The idea of Soteria is as brilliant as it sounds simple. Soteria shows a long list of successful years compared to the expensive old state driven hospitals. Soteria house model or similar models is what is best for all within treatment of mental patients that are in need of care.

Together with a living income guaranteed for all, to make sure that everyone have enough money to live a dignified life, Soteria will save lives and create a safer world, and a better place for all.

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Thank you for reading.


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