Day 522 – What is therapy to me ?

What is therapy to me ?

I am now 36 years old. I have been living with schizophrenia, as with diagnosis, for more than 12 years. Today I take one type of medication. One shot of anti psychotic drug, every 14 days. Earlier I have taken several types of drugs, daily, and been addicted to alcohol and weed and hajjis inn addition to these drugs. Today I give myself several types of therapy. I go on work out a lot in the local gym. I go swimming and I go on daily walks. And I challenge myself with cognitive training. Gym work outs are awesome therapy.

I knit and I paint. I make videos, and I write. Link to my youtube channel:

And also very important for my therapy: I jerk of. Ha – ha – there I said it ! Listen to this link and you will learn about self and secrets of masturbation.

I try to masturbate at least once a week. It is a part of my therapy indeed. I have been addicted to online porn earlier, so jerking of today is no simple thing for me to preformed actually. It is something that I feel obligated to apply to myself. When I jerk of I have to actively prevent pictures from popping up in my head. Pictures from porn or from fantasy. So I am proud to say that I can jerk of without active usage of porn. I want to give myself this therapy at least once a week or more, but for now it is healing process with my spire of life, within me, that is growing and steadily growing into this safe and sound tree within me, that is my tree of common sense of what is best for all. Self – therapy. That I can have as my self – support and simply being with when I masturbate myself. As I said I was addicted to online porn. I was addicted to the pictures that would pop up in my head from relating to porn and to relating to sex and masturbation.

So you can say that masturbation is evolving into therapy for me. Masturbation with porn is the opposite of therapy. So blast to all you porn consumers, get out of the addiction while you can (!)

I am now in the end of hydrogen peroxide therapy session. I am cleansing my body with food graded hydrogen peroxide for a 23 days cure. Check out food graded hydrogen peroxide on internet if you are interested in a cool cure. Here is a link to a facebook page on the topic:

…So it is physical training, swimming, masturbation and also daily walks. Along with knitting and chores like preparing food and doing house chores. It is all therapy during my days, combined with self – forgiveness and self application. I massage my feet every night – because I think I deserve it.

It is therapy, it is life. And just like to be loving it is to be living. To use common sense and to let go of addiction and abuse. Find what is best for all solutions, because what is best for all solutions is also best for me/you.

Check out desteni for solutions and what is best for all:

Have nice day.


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