Day 518 – Reflecting on psychology and my own history.

I was totally a mind zombie. Totally fucked, just a few years ago. Depending on mental health industry to live. And drugs. I had a life totally on the edge. I was desperate and foolish. I was not responsible at all. I was ruing in my own and others lives. I have not until May 2012, started a process to really learn myself to be responsible. That I am learning through desteni I process pro. My life started to have meaning, purpose. I would improve my life situation and my quality of living. It is not until today, that I can say to myself; yes I can take responsibility for myself, as I am all, as all is me in equality and oneness. I managed to get back on my feet again. I did it so can you! Check out this interview from eqafe:

You can get out of damaging addictions, and patterns. Depression. Fear, voices in the head, backchats of mind etc. Things that push you down or make life a dread. Everyone can change. A 90 year old can still change. Change start with self. Self forgiveness is the cool tool. Take that to heart.

Learn the mind, learn self and learn the world system. Let’s work together, for what is best for all. Let’s leave the best possible world, for the coming generations.

Thoughts, feelings and emotions – the trinity God/Dog. I had to push myself quite extensive to figure out that there is a particular, psychological or energy difference of feelings and emotions. I have been living my whole life thinking that it is simply feelings and that emotions is something totally different. I was locked in the bubble of programming. Mind zombie. Energies where simply feelings and nothing else. With a up and a down. I did not know that there was anything else like that. I did not know that there was a own part of me that was emotional, or if you like sad and negative.

It was suppressed within me beneath layers of meta junk and memories, to think that there was only feelings and that was simply one long line of feelings ranging from plus to minus from the poles. Plus and minus from top till toe, and trying to realize myself in between. But it was impossible to do that realization before I learned to do self forgiveness. I have been living close to people that were diagnosed as bi – polar. And I have made a interesting discovery on that.

It strikes me that, bi-polar is often only hormone changes. It is actually to be driving between plus and minus within self. Bouncing with hormones. You are talking, walking breathing, without pin pointing that you are expressing a certain pole. Up or down, up or down, just being self mannerism. How interesting is that really ? That is the whole clue : you are expressing without using this channeling of pins and needles and points within your expression and your mind/minds eyes/channeling. You know the needle or pin is for plus and minus. Then what ? The bi -polar show us something extremely interesting, that we can look beyond that pattern off simply up, down, north and south, bad good, bam, bam, bam, bam. This very, very, very , very, very, repeating pattern and personality of being bipolar is by definition of illness, telling us (you and everyone), that, “Hey wake up and look beyond” – stop enslaving to this pattern of judging weather plus or minus. Up or down, accept me as I am. It is not needed to pin out. It is not needed to classify like that. Don’t judge. Grow and evolve with self forgiveness instead.

Do we need to visualize the needle of a bi – polar? Poking on our skin ? We know it is there at the bitter end of plus and then the minus. As a conscious construct of light from the needle. We don’t need to repeat it in mind questions, mind spamming, bam, bam, bam, bam. Judge , blame, judge blame. We don’t not need to express it or channel it. We don’t need the picture off a needle or a pin, in our eyes. We do not need religions. We can let the bi – polar be who they are and sort out our own shit.

To work together for a common good, the best, equality and oneness. Through madness into deliverance. I can tell you for sure that my Pandora’s box have opened up several possibilities for me, and doing so almost every day I wake up of evolving myself, as life after I stared working with the tools of desteni.

Bi polarity is like a gift. Like Schizophrenia is a gift of let’s say knowing or learning self. Don’t get me wrong. Bi – polar and Schizophrenia are serious mental illnesses and they can be bothering as hell and then some. There is physical pain and suffering in buckets and barrels to go with it. But it is eventually a gift to learn self through ones sensitivity and emotional layers. Like I discover here with quit judging from simply up or down, good or bad and right or wrong, but to look beyond that, beyond religions, and find what is here, as what is supportive.

Once again I did not know what emotions where, I would think that energies or depression or joy where a part of long line and a long directive pencil so to speak. Like treads and lines of vital life juice inn it or energies that have with layers upon layers within me suppression of life through enslaving to mind. Shame, blame, guilt, fear. Components of emotions. I had to realize that there was a system that was directed to enslaving me. Why would we ever grow so sick with evil, corruption and war and insane greed? War, abuse, violence, rape, etc. Check out desteni, atlateans and the history of mankind. Get a load of sanity.

Check out the history of mankind and the atlantians series to realize some of these points. Read the desteni articles. You can hurt me with truth but don not comfort me with a lie. Lies from religions have been making enough impact of evil and insanity of this earth – enough.

Why would we let systems and it components drive us to these extremes of brutality that would eventually ruin lives of someone else. I am telling you that we have been enslaved through existence and it is time to wake up. Man is programmed to be evil. We must stop. Complete stop and change.

Together we can break down the taboo of mental illness and the fear of diagnosis’s.

Check out and our solutions to life issues. We are not doctors we are ordinary people.

See you around.

Set yourself free


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