Day 517 – Redefining the word “Cunt”

I will  redefy, the word “cunt” here within my writing.

Redefining words: CUNT (!)

1.Self allocation point

Who am I according to this word? How have I lived it ?

I have used this word to describe certain beings. Certain people that I have felt the need to call out and call for criticism. As they where mean or doing deliberate wrong. How I dislike them. I would call out this name within my head because I would find it to shocking or a word to call someone. I would fear to call it to their face and rather think it to myself within. Suppress it within me and fear to speak it because of how I have seen others have feared it typically in action or porno movies where people are called this word like to be mean and vicious to another person. I have clear memories to numerous drinking companies, also amongst people that are drunk or running with drugs. It is supposed be this scary and shocking and attention – calling word. A taboo word. A word of abuse.

2.Dictionary definition.

So what does the dictionary say of this word ?

Cunt /ˈkʌnt/ is slang for female genitalia and is a term of abuse for females and males.[1] It is widely considered to be vulgar.[2] The earliest known use of the word, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, was as a placename for the London street Gropecunt Lane, c 1230. Scholar Germaine Greer said in 2006 that cunt “is one of the few remaining words in the English language with a genuine power to shock.”[3]

Cunt is believed to derive from a Germanic root *kunton “female genitalia”, which also gave rise to Old Norse kunta (ancestor of Norwegian and Swedish dialectical kunta and Danish dialectical kunte), Old Frisian, Middle Low German and Middle Dutch kunte, and the English doublet quaint.  And, by the way, the word wasn’t always considered derogatory, even though it is today.

 3.Sounding of the word.

How does the word sound when I speak it ?



cow – one – tea






4. Identify polarities within the word.

I would have a negative polarity to this word as I would think it is used to shook and bring tears or emotions or anger or resentment to other people if I were to use it. I would think of it as this negative charged word that I would not like to be called myself. It was also used to describe the vagina but that was a long time ago.

 5. Creative writing / Self forgiveness / Self corrections

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think of the word cunt, as a negative word that is bad and wrong and ugly/sorry where I judge people around me, for using it, or when I call it out on them, and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that this is also a word that was used to describe a vagina of a woman, for a slang purpose, and this is commonly the case today. And at the same time, to be called this is to call out to someone like a taboo where I see that it is a mocking/shocking word.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into suppression over this word because of how I have used it to refer to a woman’s vagina a lot of times, inn Norwegian or English, and not simply using it to call out criticism or to shock, and I would go totally introvert on myself and judge myself from this word.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use this word in occasions where I really felt like being mean and heartless, like where I would use the Norwegian word “fitta” that is almost precisely the same as “cunt”, only in Norwegian.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself my particular memory of meeting nurse – A in hospital where I was committed some years back,  where I would shout out at here: “Nazi-cunt” or “Nazi-Fitta” at here, because of some treatment or reason, where I would hide and suppress within my room later and I would regret the situation later.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that this word have grown into a taboo word, from the fear of sex and sexuality that have been growing out of humanity since we are incapable of being responsible with ourselves and instead we criticize mock and bully each other where we feel bashful or insecure inn situations and within dimentins/words.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge and blame myself because of how I use this word and not where I find it kind of difficult to balance between the different poles of energies of this word and I think to myself that I must clearly defy this word to myself and make up my mind on what it is.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to think that a word can only have one meaning, where I fail to realize that a singel word can have more than one meaning.

When and as I see myself wondering what a “cunt” is I stop and I breathe. I realize that this word can be called out on a person that is being stupid or dumb or doing wrong. To criticize. I realize that this word can be used to let someone know that they are really doing wrong and that they are really out drifting or doing horrible, perhaps deliberate, wrong. I realize that this word can be used to describe a person from how foolish he or she is, and that it is not used only in inn a slang way on a woman’s vagina. To my awareness. It is used as a scare, mock and shock others. So it have two meanings. And it is used to describe a woman’s vagina, inn a slang way. I commit myself to not limit myself with thinking that words can only mean one thing, because words can sometimes mean more than one thing.

I realize that a cunt is the person that is called out deliberate wrong. And how this word can be used to criticize him or her with the attention of this word. It is also a slang for a female genitalia.

 6. Writing a definition:

Cunt is slang for female genitalia, and, it is a term of abuse.

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