Day 516 – Behind the word cunt lies a treasure = aggression

I notice something within me the last days. There is this word that pops up within my mind. It is the word “cunt”. And I notice that when I investigate this word and I forgive myself for this word, that behind it, is aggression. Life has it this way to hide things beneath something else. And so also psychological with words. Just like when playing hide and seek as a child. There was hidden beneath this word “cunt” some aggression, within me. It is aggression over several memories, It is aggression over not having a partner. Of being alone. I you suffer from aggression or loneliness, I suggest to check out this site for self and living as it is called just that: self and living :


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to would judge myself over how I give into separation over thinking that I would be better off with someone else and that my life would be better if it was shared with someone else, and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Judge myself over petty details that appear within me and I end up within a cycle of judging myself and then becoming aggressive over, judging myself in the first place so it is a vicious circle of emotions, that appears within me where I am myself with this word “cunt”. And I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to further separate and suppress within how I imagined that I would be better off with a girlfriend and not alone and thinking that my life would improve from that.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think of A or B when I think of girls that I want to be with and that I separate myself from parts of myself that I did not like or that I do not think is cool within my life and I separate myself from this and sort of present myself to myself this way and pretend that I am all cool, and nice and perfect but I am not, and that is why I walk the courses off desteni I process pro, and also agreement ship course.

Links here:

Desteni I process pro:


Starters free, lite course :

When and as I see myself going into aggression, I stop and I breathe. I realize that aggression is butt a disease and we must prevent aggression at it does not benefit anything at all. I realize that aggression is not helping anyone it is simply destructive and not needed. I realize that if I turn aggressive there is something of a reason why I am aggressive. I realize that beneath aggression lies secrets, or like with secret mind if you like. I commit myself to open up points within me that are tagged with energies and to reveal what is hidden beneath it, and to de – corrupt myself with self forgiveness. I commit myself to give what is best solution to all, at all times. I commit myself to free myself form the psychological patterns that are keeping me from entertaining with life and with awareness and myself with where I want to live. I commit myself to investigate all corners and all sides of my being me so that I am living my full potential and my life is lived, the way it is suppose to be lived in freedom, oneness and equality.

Inn my next post i will redefine the word Cunt (!)


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Lets delete poverty:
Self perfection:

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