Day 515 – What is common sense with Christmas ?

Christmas is stress, and a lot of it. Christmas is no longer aligned with the tradition that Jesus once taught us some 2 thousand years ago. It is no longer about loving thy neighbor. Today we are mocking Jesus with purchasing things we do not need, buying products, drinking, drugging and raping this earth, for its resources and we warp it all paper and call in the gift of Jesus birth. It is a spit in his face. We are far, far, far away from the Jesus message and it is not cool. We have got to change. So, this zombie – shopping – consuming – not give – fuck – attitude is still here, so we best deal with that. What is the best thing to do in such an hour? What is commonsense to do with Christmas ?


There is also, a lot of,  brooked homes and ruined lives, and broken childhoods in Christmas. From alcohol and fighting, arguing and tears. The best thing I would suggest is to sleep, rest it off. Use the days to gain strength to after new year’s when most of us have to go back to work. Use the time to work on self, write down future goals, or get with status Q within your life. Never mind the perfect family dinner and the perfect, and way to costly, presents to everyone. Common sense with Christmas would be to take part in what is going on, eat the cake, sing the carols, and avoid get into fighting and arguments. Thousands and thousands and of fights and broken homes are actually taking place during the holidays. So don’t be a part of that sad statistic. Everyday 21 000 children die of starvation. It reflect on us, as our children tear open the gifts and the sound, from the paper burn a mark when we visualize the hungry children of Congo, South Africa, Nigeria, Cambodia, Nepal, India and Bangladesh, to mention a few. So very, very far away from our Christmas tree. But don’t let the emotions get the best of you. Use the time to gain strength and rest, and write and make up your mind on where you are at in life. Know thy self. And at least stand together against violence and abuse, and rather be that change that brings equality and peace to life, and to the kitchen. Check out the links.

Have a nice day!

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