Day – 514 How I use pre – program to be prepared for the future.


Humans are almost like computers. Think of it. It has a screen, like our face with its expressions, and it have a processor like our humans minds with our mind conscious, and it have memories and storage just like we do with feelings and emotional impact during the years. It have perhaps a mouse and a keyboard like us in the physical. Expressing. We already have been cloned from our mothers and our fathers. We are already zombies of mind and within existence or enslaving to mind (!)

This is how we have created the computer in our own image. Many people would like Stephen Hawking fear that robots take over our lives, literally. What if robots grow a conscious (?) is the big question. But I would like to add to that, discussion, that the computers, already have a conscious. The computer is created much like humans and with its processor and its inter – connectedness, it is more and more like us in our manners and our lives. It is to move through, physically, through ones processor / the mind and to work on self through feelings and emotions. Makes us clear from energy or polarity enslavement. Into awareness. So what if computers grow awareness ? Like to be aware that it is running ? That it is on (power) and… doing stuff? Is that supposed to be dangerous ?

We need to embrace it completely – so it do not go corrupt or bad on us.

We as humans have given ourself the computer to sort out our mess. And there is a lot of the mess. So we need the help. Computers/robots can help us out a lot. To my opinion, it is almost exclusivly, cool, that they come, and do a lot of our hard labor. What seams important then is to make sure that people still get their money. Everyone must get paid. One must have money to live when robots take the work from us. It is said that 50 % of the worlds working force will be extra within few years, and that these 50 % will lose their jobs. That is a lot of jobs. These people like everyone else must be granted a income to make sure they can live and manage. A dignified life. That is also why it is so important to establish a safe and sound living income to all. Since approximatly 2 billion jobs will be extra, all these people and more, must be granted a living income. And you may say that cost to much ?

In switching over to a universal basic income, the books will not only stay balanced—they might even move into the black. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 115,227,000 households in the U.S. Split $1.88 trillion among all these households and each one gets $16,315.62. In other words, if you turned the welfare system into a $15,000 basic income payment, you’d end up saving over $150 billion (or $1,315.62 per American household).

The math is simple it saves budget to give everyone income. And it would also boost our economoy. It is a situation where everyone wins.

Here is a article on how robots take over work:

Stephen Hawking on robot conscious:

Living income to all:


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