Day 512 – Nuclear radiation is a scam

I watched this video and I was quite surprised by what was said and proven. For years and years I have been living in fear of nuclear science. I have bought all the scare propaganda from groups like Greenpeace and Hollywood, through brainwashing and news, telling me that nuclear radiation is so very dangerous. This video and other videos tell a different tale. Now there are radiation from nuclear energy and bomb production, yes there is, but the radiation is not that dangerous as one have been told.

Nuclear science may not be totally “clean” but it is not that dangerous as one first was told from the fear and scare stories from Hollywood and groups like Greenpeace telling us that this is so very scary and bad.

The sun provides, together with wind and other energy sources, totally renewable resources, enough energy for this planet and more than that. We must chose the best solution, which is the 100% renewable energies. Sun and wind power. Nuclear energies is not renewable, at least not to my opinion.

TV and media have scared me enough and many times from even considering nuclear reactions as a way to have energy. That is now settled and I suggest for you to watch this video that is linked here.

And I want to ask of you not to simply give into things that you hear or read. Investigate and find the back ground stories, read it all and draw your conclusion based on what is best for all. Main stream media is growing more and more corrupt. For instance how the white house in USA, now owns parts of the channel CNN. That is simply not cool. There is a lot of stories like this. And we have to evolve and change. Join us in Equal Life Foundation and learn how you can contribute to a life that is best for all. Investigate LIG and have a nice day!


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