Day 511 – Know thy self (!) who am I ?

It is important to know self, to know how to be supportive to self. And how to deal with self. To know how to handle self. And to bring a certain level of understanding to self and to the world combined.

So let’s start. Who am I ? Well I am human, I live on earth, I have lived most of my life in south Norway. I am a male. I breathe and I work to be aware of myself as breathe. And to be physical as breathe. I have a certain age. I have in difference with many other people no partner. I have enough money to live a dignified life. So that money is not real a stressing topic within me. Like it is for billions of others. I have a mind. I have a mind that is further divided into 3 components. Sub – conscious mind and unconscious mind and conscious mind. I am learning to stop my mind and to become one with it and to further in debth understand myself and my mind as me. I am learning my mind. I am learning to use my mind and to further understand myself. Pretty cool huh ?

Tormod Hv Gjedrem

I have been learning the last 2,5 years more and more of what it is to be responsible with myself. As a human being. But let’s slow down. I am breathing, I use breathe to become aware of myself, in any situation when I am facing stress or emotions, or just being. I breath to slow myself down. I take inn deep breathing and slow myself down. Less stress is more success. That is one of my mottos. So what are my interests. That is a important topic. Well I have been participating with psychiatry for 10 years or so. I have specific interest there, with psychiatry and treatment. I blog and vlog on psychiatry and myself. Further I have interests in physical activity and also in cognitive training applications. I like to paint and draw. I like to dance and swim and talk to strangers. I have also this basic fundament of doing what is best for all at all times. To be able to provide the best possible solution to everyone and so myself. Because I have understood something.

Hey cool!

I have understood that we human are supposed to live in equality and oneness. We have the possibility to create heaven on this earth. WOW – wait a minute heaven on earth who just became religious ?

Well lol.. lest try to bring in some facts. 21000 children die every day from lack of food. That mean that there is s allot of abuse and corruption going on in this world.

The cup of abuse is full to the rim. We are polluting, making wars and dividing and living in fear and in war in fear of yourself without stop. The abuse is total. So we need, solutions, we need something to call what we want to create of this world. Utopia? Heaven? Sure ! Enough with war and abuse and corruption driving us insane. We need to bring stability and peace to this world. We need to create heaven on earth. And that my friend, is what I am doing.

It is all about becoming responsible with self.  With self forgiveness one can learn more and more responsibilities. Because we can save this planet and this life. It is no joke.

So I work for heaven on earth, that is specific. Oneness and equality, because we can create that. It is a opportunity. Ok, that is some of who I am. I breathe myself into awareness and I take on opportunities that presents themselves, and I create a better world for all.

Who are you ?

Learn self through desteni – start today

Thank you for reading.

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